Golden Globes & Steve Carell’s Funniest Films

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Which is worse …Hollywood’s Golden Couples splitting up, or the fact that we learn about them and frequently feel far more empathy towards them than we do towards people we actually know? Who aren’t perfect strangers? I know I read and then I’m always saying things like “Oh that’s awfully sad” and “ So fast!?? But they just got married/together!!” with genuine concern…and yet I’ve absolutely no idea what really happened, the faintest clue about who did what, or even if they wanted to be together in the first place. And I think Gee, so close to the holidays, that must be so tough! Really. Really? Is it at all possible that the couple in question may have been broken up for the better part of a year — only now we’re just learning about it? For example, Zac & Vanessa. Incredibly appealing young pair. Together for five years – and so young. (When I was their age, I hadn’t the discipline/stamina to stick with the same brand of soda, much less engage in a serious relationship).  And then we hear about Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds calling it quits after two years of wedded bliss. (How could that have possibly happened, we think…that’s not the Ryan and Scarlett we know!!)  That’s awfully sad.

But on to lighter, happier, if slightly less-surprising fare. The Golden Globe noms came out and as predicted, the things we thought might get noticed actually did. They also say the Globes are a serious indicator of where the Oscar votes will go, and this may well be true.  Curiously, there’s also a bit of crossover with the People’s Choice contenders, which means that the gap between what we want and what the people-who-make-decisions- who-aren’t-us want, is narrowing. Angelina and Johnny Depp are all over the place. I saw The Tourist and I thought it was delightful but I certainly didn’t think it would secure either star a Golden Globe nod. Bravo. Personally, I might have liked to have seen The Town shown even more love but I’m still happy that Jeremy Renner snagged the Supporting Actor tap. The Kids Are All Right also got some of the attention it deserves. So we can all tune in and watch on January 16th, 2010 (we will have already made our mark at the Nokia with Queen Latifah weeks prior).

Now, on to our look at PCA’s Favorite Comedic Star nominees, and this is one tricky category. How hard is it to determine who is funnier? And what qualifies as our favorite – the one we love? The one we laugh at the most? The one we’d like to date? The one we’d like to be gently ridiculed by? It’s tough to say. Let’s take a peek at Steve Carrell, our third nominee who’s also up for a Golden Globe Award. He first came to prominence as part of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and has been on a roll ever since.  Even if you didn’t exactly know who he was from The Office, there’s no way you could have missed him in The 40- Year-Old Virgin.  Then he was just a famous funny guy who was everywhere (kind of like what’s is happening to Zach Galafianakis right now.) With the awards and the starring roles to prove it. So what is it that makes Steve Carell so incredibly funny? Is it the everyman thing? Or is it that he’s a small, clean-cut man who behaves like a small, clean-cut man with an impossibly overblown ego? Hard to say. Whatever the appeal, it is substantial. With this in mind, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of Steve Carell’s movies is your favorite:

1)   The 40-Year-Old Virgin

2)   Anchorman

3)   Dinner for Schmucks

4)   Get Smart

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