Which “Institutions” Are Part of Your Youth?

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I loved The Social Network. I thought it was fabulous, was vaguely familiar with the events but not entirely, and knew entering the theater that I was in for a really fascinating story. Part of that of course, is that the notion of Facebook (like all other social media) arrived when I was already an adult. So not only was it a great yarn  – it was pretty educational too. Now lots of  people also enjoyed this movie tremendously, but most interesting to me is the fact that when I asked around it was people in their 30s and 40s who went to see it first. All the people I know in their 20s were less than enthused about it. Oh, sooner or later they’d definitely catch it, they assured me, but they weren’t in the big hurry I was. And the reason for this seems to be that people in their 20s have grown up with social media;  it’s not nearly as groundbreaking  (in fact it’s not at all groundbreaking)  to them as it is to my age group.  It’s always been a fact of life for them.

Similarly take for example The Rock &  Roll Hall of Fame. Which had its first induction ceremony in 1986 – when I was in college.  I know that there were people older than me who were over the moon that such an honor and such a museum had come to life, although the people in my age cohort didn’t really bat an eye, because it felt like it was just another event rooted in our youth. I think we had the same kind of blasé attitude about the Hall of Fame that kids have today about The Social Network.

But for many, apparently Rock & Roll will never die, if the industry’s annual honoring of musical acts & performers continues as it has. This year of the fifteen artists mentioned for induction, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame named Tom Waits, Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, Dr. John, Darlene Love & Leon Russell, just to name a few.  When I first became familiar with the whole process I was sure  they would literally run out of inductees if they moved too fast or brought in too many. Turns out, there are plenty of deserving rock stars (not to mention producers, songwriters, dj’s and industry Bright Lights ) who can be tapped.  We’ll never run out of music impresarios to honor. (Several years ago I happened to work with one of the Sex Pistols when they were called up for the Hall of Fame and was around for the ensuing controversy when they refused to be a part of it. It was shocking for about two minutes at which point it made perfect sense and everyone moved on.When the Sex Pistols began to tour again, it made even more sense).  Today let’s see how you all feel about some of the artists honored.

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees is your favorite:

1)   Alice Cooper

2)   Darlene Love

3)  Neil Diamond

4)  Tom Waits

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