What’s Your Favorite Will Ferrell Movie?

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And the holiday countdown begins! Did you relax this weekend, perhaps visit with friends and family, or did you get all caught up in the shopping and caroling and gathering and eating and drinking rush? Did you have to listen to a bunch of Mulled Cider jokes? Or — did you get to sneak out and see the movie TRON, which trumped everyone else at the box office as we thought it might? I must say, though I’m aware of the chaos it still seems – in keeping with the country’s mood — just a teensy bit muted this year. In a good way. (Not to mention that it’s been raining something awful for days here in Southern California, and Los Angeles in a downpour behaves like any other major city confronting a nuclear disaster – everything is utterly immobilized and life comes to a muddy, flooded halt). Still, I did notice that in spite of all this, the holiday prep does seem more manageable and less over-the-top. The people shouting in the mall are shouting just a little less loudly, and the balled-up shirt that’s allegedly the last one at the Gap that you’re desperate to pick up for your sister isn’t the last one they have, and why look there’s even a thoughtful clerk who’ll grab you the real very last one – from the back. And you didn’t even have to ask! These are true stories. This year I am experiencing – and am being told of others experiencing – a far more lucid and low-key Christmas rush. Unless of course you happen to be in Dubai where (did you hear about this??) a fancy pants hotel installed an $11 million dollar Christmas tree with REAL jewels and such, and now they’re coming under fire for their excesses.  

Are you a fan of holiday -oriented TV? I am to a certain – if small – degree. For instance, I think Glee did a superb job of being a) one of my fave TV shows who during the holidays b) actually referenced genius-ly my absolute favorite holiday program How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Sharp and funny stuff. My favorite live-action holiday movie has to be Elf, which is an excellent (if completely coincidental) segue into today’s Favorite Comedic TV star nominee – Will Ferrell. (He joins Sandler, A., Barrymore , D., Fey, T., Carell, S., in our PCA race). Ferrell’s another one of the Saturday Night Live alums, and much like his Favorite Comedic co-nominee Adam Sandler, he’s one of the relatively few who transitioned well, and now consistently scores big at the box office. Ferrell was also one of the few SNL cast members to be nominated for an Emmy for an impersonation (for former President George W. Bush). The fact that he’s 6’3” contributes to his mastery of the boorish and lovable larger-then-life character, and in addition to his comedic fare – he’s also done tons of voice-over work, most notably the current hit Megamind. But that’s not all. He’s also one of the guys behind the crazy internet sensation Funny Or Die. Go figure. Without any further ado(lation), let’s get right down to the vote. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Will Ferrell movies is your favorite:

1)   Anchorman

2)   Elf

3)   The Other Guys

4)   Talladega Nights

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