God Save The Material Girl

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I love the English. I really do. I’ve traveled around their country a number of times. It’s sensational. My brother was born in the UK, and has dual citizenship. Generally speaking, in a blind taste test of US/UK music I’ll prefer the English band. Or I did in the 1980s. I also preferred huge mirrored earrings, stirrup pants and asymmetrical haircuts then, but that’s another blog. I kind of like all the pomp and circumstance the British attach to various ceremonies, because well, the clothes are nice and it’s usually about a monarch who has zero power but is fun to watch. And now, when I watch monarchs – or Monarch Couples (or Betrothed Monarch Couples) – all I wonder is what Hollywood studio executives are thinking when they watch the same scene because you just know it’s all about how to turn monarchs into movies. Members of the Royal Family also don’t carry cash (did you know this? It’s custom and they usually ‘borrow’ it from their bodyguards when they need it). Culturally, the English are quite a bit more formal than we are, and they can be more standoffish socially. Meanwhile English actors slip in and out of American acting roles with ease and they’re frequently so skilled we don’t even notice their accent (although I’m told that it’s actually the Australians who have our American accent down like nobody’s business).

Bottom line, it’s a lovely place and the English boast (and have for centuries) a significant portion of the world’s greatest writers and actors. Plus, more than a few American celebrities have taken to living in London, among them Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey and Madonna. Do we suppose they get any sort of royal treatment? Um, according to CNN, one of them does. And how. An item’s just come out saying that The Queen Of Pop was recently aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight from New York to London’s Heathrow Airport which encountered bad weather and had to be rerouted. The plane  landed at another London airport, where all the passengers were made to sit on the tarmac for three hours until buses arrived to take them back to Heathrow. Here’s where it gets good. According to CNN, everyone waited — with one exception. Reportedly, Madonna and Co. were graciously escorted from the plane while everyone else – including the other First Class passengers – had to wait another two hours. (In fact, not just Queen Madge but 15 members of her entourage got the green light to bail). Leaving everyone else furious. What’s that about?? Now most airlines will tell you that if you lay out the big cash (or your company/wealthy dowager aunt does) for one of these First Class seats, you’re going to get treated a little differently. They get lotsa treats that the rest of us never even see, they don’t have to pay for the smelly pillow with someone else’s hair on it, and basically, when they say “jump” the First Class staff tends to say “how high?” This extends to getting on and off the plane. But one super famous American ?? Who’s not actually in charge of a nation or anything? Plus, the British papers said she was also doing yoga in the aisles while she waited which also couldn’t have been much fun to gawk at either. And apparently it’s the other First Class passengers who are most peeved. Who knows why this happened or how much backtracking Virgin Atlantic will have to do (it’s certainly a nice airline, I can attest to that much). Still, I thought it was an interesting statement on the power of American celebrity. That said, for today, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which one of these English actors (over 25) is your favorite:

1)   Clive Owen

2)   Colin Firth

3)   Daniel Craig

4)   Jude Law

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