Holiday Headlines & Great ‘Sick Day’ Movies

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Today I was going to talk about some of the holiday happenings in Hollywood but a quick glance to the headlines left me feeling sort of empty. Because the only news that seemed fit to print falls into three categories: marriages, breakups, and general personal disasters. Not much in the Good Cheer Dept. Oh sure, Shania Twain and Bret Michaels are getting married (but not to each other). The world is reeling from the sudden singleness of Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds (but the tabloids are tickled pink) and Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again. Now, isn’t there an adage about letting troubled people go through their rough times in private? There should be. So let’s shift our focus to lighter fare.

As in, how is your holiday shopping coming along? (How tired are you of people asking you if you’re done?) I like the holidays because I like the sense of limbo that comes with it. The hustle and bustle produces a kind of chaos that I welcome because you never know what’ll happen next. Meaning, I like the fact that everyone’s schedule is altered and many people take off and others stay put, and it just takes you right back to childhood where all you want to do is get out for the break  – only it seems like the getting out part (and the actual waiting for it ) is what’s most fun. Then you race home and still there’s limbo – family members are coming and going from out of town, and there’s a certain thrill to that. Especially when you consider that the coming and going part lasts for a few (federally sanctioned) days. Even when you’re a teen. If you can just get through that sixth period  Science Class it’ll all be over for a few weeks – and now you have all that time off (if only to relax and dread going back to school again). And the random – utterly random – stuff you can do because you’re off. Going out to lunch on Christmas Eve because people are free (if harried) – that’s the cool stuff.  Then between Christmas and New Years it’s great  because both the people with odd work hours and the people with traditional work hours are pretty much the same – so everyone can go out to a two o’clock movie. That’s win-win. Everyone’s around. If I was the kind of person who liked brunch I’d be over the moon at the prospect of having brunch on the day after Christmas – just because. And nobody had to take a sick day! You just get them. That’s the fun of it – Christmas break feels like several sanctioned sick days without the guilt, or the actual sickness. Even if you don’t much care for fruitcake or marzipan or certain members of your family, who doesn’t feel grateful about a teensy bit of time off? That the government’s behind. It’s a simple pleasure, to be sure, but kinda cool and there’s zero guilt.  And even though I’m rarely happy when regularly scheduled programming gets interrupted, I really, really like How the Grinch Stole Christmas most of all because it just proves that you don’t always have to be sappy and or sweet to deliver a sound message. In fact, you can be sharp and funny and even caustic and still, we’ll get it. And be all the wiser. So here’s to some good old-fashioned time off where, even if it’s hectic and anxiety-ridden, the government says we’re entitled to it and nobody has to feign illness. That said,  all this talk about sick days is making me think about what’s fun to watch on those days when maybe you did “come down with a little something”. So for today, let us know which of these are your favorite “sick day” movies:

1)   Dirty Dancing

2)   Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

3)   Office Space

4)   Pretty Woman

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