Grit, Gulliver, Fockers & Country – What’s Your Pick?

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It’s that time. So now that you’ve got all this glorious time off with friends and family (unless you’ve opted for time off away from friends and family which is another popular and perfectly acceptable choice) what are you going to do? Well, one thing that’s always an option is of course the cinema, and there are lots of big holiday films hoping to lure you with their hilarious/poignant/gutwrenching/powerful/star-studded/shocking/thrilling/intellectually invigorating setups. Among them (and some are in limited release but expect them soon enough): True Grit. This is pure Oscar Bait…it’s a remake of the movie that won John Wayne his Oscar and it stars Jeff Bridges and a young lady named Hailee Steinfeld who is apparently completely outta sight. Not only that but it comes from the Coen Brothers who also know how to make critical superfaves that win awards.  In lighter fare, we have another big movie enroute with a well-known cast,  a sequel that’s got a guaranteed audience (including me because I’m certain True Grit’s fantastic, but maybe a little on the violent side). This one’s called Little Fockers and it’s the third in the whole Meet The Parents Ben Stiller Robert DeNiro trilogy. It’ll likely be fun and loaded with those kinds of groan-y moments that only Stiller can evoke. Then Sofia Coppola – who brought us Lost In Translation and who also hails from a rather prestigious filmmaking family  has a new movie opening, this one is called Somewhere and it stars Stephen Dorff as an actor whose 11-year old daughter appears out of nowhere and he needs to look after her…I’m thinking this will be one of those sometimes-kids-can-teach-parents-a-lesson movies. Also playing, Gulliver’s Travels in 3D with Jack Black and Jason Segal and the lovely Amanda Peet. Expect a knuckleheaded family comedy that will come and go, despite the massive appeal of its hilarious cast. Watch this on a plane unless your children make you see it. And finally, a movie of  a different stripe  —  which may very well garner its star some serious awards attention: Country Strong. Here, Gwyneth Paltrow who we suspected could sing (Duets) and then we absolutely knew could sing (Glee) turns in a reportedly amazing performance as a country star in, em, decline, who connects with another country star who’s on the way up. Tim McGraw’s in this too, so expect a very popular picture that will grow even more so over time. I am dying to see this even though I think the title is inane.

So that’s’ what’s playing in theaters; be sure to let us know what you see/ think and of course, don’t forget to vote for your favorite new shows for the PCA’s, because that’ll definitely make a difference come January 5th! Have a great, peaceful,  joyous and safe holiday.

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