More Wedding Bells (Someone’s Got a New Reese on Life)

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Did you vote yet? And even if you did, you can still rinse and repeat because the Big Night’s exactly one week away (and I for one am still looking for a sparkly clutch and heels that won’t send me careening into the ER). The new TV categories are tough this year; and every time I toss out the Favorite New Shows question to my friends, I get a different answer (to clarify: I am asking different friends each time, it’s not the same gang being wishy-washy).

Now, after all that talk yesterday about celebs meeting and falling madly in love on set, we have another engagement to talk about today. Let me preface this by saying an unfortunate characteristic of the West Coast town in which I live is this: Hollywood likes an engagement, but it LOVES a breakup. When People’s Choice Winner Reese Witherspoon got divorced from actor Ryan Phillippe, people were shocked. (And they have those beautiful children!!) But then everyone forgot about that. Then she was with Jake Gyllenhaal. Attractive pair. People smiled at the headlines. They didn’t necessarily stop, but they smiled. But when those two split up? People ran for the newsstands. So here goes again. Marrying your boyfriend who works at a huge Beverly Hills talent agency (which is what Reese Witherspoon is doing) is going to guarantee two things: 1) zero hubbub or controversy because he’s a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, 2) a spectacular wedding, peppered  (like brook trout in a summer stream ) with countless A-List celebrities because he’s a behind-the-scenes-kind of guy. Will the marriage stick? I’m betting yes, because he’s a behind-the- scenes-kind of guy. In photos Reese’s man, Jim Toth, even looks unassuming and low-key (not that any of that should fool us. He is after all, a Hollywood talent agent, not a Tallahassee insurance adjuster).The good news is that when only one of them is an actor they stand a 50% better chance of making it, because there’s half the firepower and combustibility. Witherspoon’s probably pretty optimistic too, especially since the last two fellas in her life were extremely good-looking, popular actors (see how that works?) I first saw her in 1991 in a movie called The Man In The Moon, which also starred Sam Waterston. It was her first film, and even at 14 she was a very poised young thing; to this day she has a reputation in Hollywood as being one of the most organized, put-together and focused ladies in the biz (people have speculated for years that this is why her production company is called Type -A Films). When an actor “produces” a film, it can be for vanity’s sake, it can be because they have a ton of cash burning a hole in their pocket, it can be a control thing, or it can be to give themselves just the right kind of role to afford maximum visibility; Reese produces and she’s known for being super-smart about all that positioning (it would be interesting to note how many Best Actor and Best Actress Award Winners are also ‘producers’ on their winning films). Her Best Actress Oscar for Walk The Line was quite deserved I thought, and she’s cornered the market on the Not To Be Underestimated Sharp & Tiny Minx with the Legal(ly) series. It’s also curious that she’s been called America’s Sweetheart in much the same way Julia Roberts has, as well as Sandra Bullock – is there any significance to the fact that all three of these gals were born in the South? Hmmm. Anyway, I’m a big fan of Reese’s, I hope this marriage works out and I know it’ll be one amazing wedding. Unless of course they elope — but with those business relationships I doubt it. With this in mind voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Reese Witherspoon movies is your favorite:

1)   Legally Blonde

2)   Sweet Home Alabama

3)   Walk The Line

4)   Four Christmases

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