PCA’s Best Dressed (Long Gowns Group)

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So True Grit finally beat out Little Fockers and won the weekend’s box office race.  As it turns out, movie attendance was way down and unless you wanted to watch Nicolas Cage trying to save/transport/understand/clear the good name of/creepily romance a 14th century witch, you had nothing brand new to tickle your fancy. I didn’t see True Grit, and I probably won’t see True Grit and the reason is because I know (and I’m not spoiling anything here) they’re kinda rough on a horse in the film. Which happens, I realize – it’s a western and it’s also the Coen Brothers, and it’s a remake which means you have to ratchet everything up a notch, etc. So last night I went out to dinner and one of the guests at my table put her fork down, stared me straight in the eye and said “Really? That’s why you won’t see it?? It’s a wonderful movie.” . I am sure she’s correct. She continued. “I mean, honestly, it’s a movie. Don’t you know that? Of course nothing really happens to the animals. Can’t you just tell that to yourself when you’re watching?” Again, she’s right. Of course nothing happens to the animals. Or to Matt Damon, or Jeff Bridges, or Josh Brolin, or that incredible kid or to anyone else for that matter because it’s a movie. And even though this is a very close friend of mine, I couldn’t help but think she was also saying “Can’t you just remind yourself it’s a movie? You fool??” Which got me thinking: isn’t that the point? When we watch a movie, if it’s any good, it’ll transport us, right? And when I see a movie I am lost in the screen; and part of why movies are so fabulous to me is because for two hours I pretty much can’t tell myself  it’s just a movie. Isn’t that why we go in the first place? So no. I won’t be seeing True Grit because I have a terrible time suspending my disbelief. Enough said.

Let’s talk about the People’s Choice Awards. Lots and lots of comments from you guys last week – which is exactly what we wanted; it’s  important to get viewer feedback and personally I wanted to know what everyone thought because I was backstage and unable to see most of the festivities. I know you liked Selena – and that song was pretty catchy (right??) I missed Kid Rock but encountered about thirty people backstage who swear that man hung the moon so I’ll take their word for it.  Although I did walk by him near the Dressing Rooms and there’s definitely something captivating about the man himself – whether you’ve heard him sing or not. Taylor Swift, up close, is indeed luminous & willowy and has zero pores but if I was in charge I would make her drink about twelve protein shakes daily to plump her up a bit.  Taylor Lautner:  considerably taller than I thought he’d be and shrouded with a small SWAT team of bodyguard personnel. Truthfully, I am an unabashed Twilight fan, and I know the world is now completely divided on that franchise. That said, I actually managed to miss RPattz and Kristen Stewart because I was too busy getting just the right snapshot of Jane Lynch and Kate Walsh for my blog photos (see what I sacrifice for this blog???) Next time. Jerry O’Connell – very cool and quite funny. We talked about movies (good thing he likes them too). And one thing I noted this year is that he and Zac Efron and Zachary Levi and Jim Parsons all wore the narrow-lapeled suits and worked a kind of Mad Men thing. Which was beyond effective, if you ask me. Speaking of clothes, it’s time to focus on the most important part of our post-show chat: the garb. Who wore what, why, and did you like. I’m breaking it all down into categories.  Let’s start at the beginning with the gowns…over the next few days we will go to the short dresses because lots of ladies sported the old above-the-knee frocks. Today let’s examine the floor length models:

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of the evening’s long gowns was your favorite:

1)  Ashley Tisdale

2)   Khloe Kardashian

3)   Niki Taylor

4)   Queen Latifah (Aqua gown)

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