2011 PCA’s Best-Dressed Ladies (Short Frocks)

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Before we talk about the 2011 People’s Choice Best Dressed List (Today: Short Frocks, part 1) we need to congratulate both Owen Wilson and Jewel for becoming parents. Bravo, you two! Now when I first caught this item, I knew that Owen and Jewel were not actually a couple — they’d just been listed together —  and we probably had at least two babies in the Bravo/Well Done mix. Along with two other parents. And of course when anyone lists births in headline form they tend to use the more well-known celebrity. Still the article did say Owen and his GF, whose name happens to be Jade Duell. So maybe Owen’s not with Jewel, but you can’t tell me that somewhere on Jade Duell’s Facebook page someone hasn’t referred to her as JUell. Because I bet they have. Just saying. It’s kind of a name coincidence.

Now here’s one of those classic Hollywood reputation making/breaking bits that fascinates me no end. To do with two actresses I admire lots. Nor am I saying I know what really happened. Here goes: allegedly a rather curious incident took place that garnered much internet attention (so we, in true Hollywood fashion, by calling it into question, will give it more attention). Apparently Hailee Steinfeld, the adorable plucky young actress who’s getting massive buzz from her star turn in True Grit was snubbed by another better-known but just as adorable plucky young actress. See, Glee’s Lea Michele reportedly dissed Hailee Steinfeld when the latter asked for an autograph while on the Paramount Studio lot. What’s that about? The story – as recounted by Steinfeld herself— goes that Steinfeld asked Michele for her John Hancock ( I guess she’s a Gleek) and a Production Assistant stepped in and said that there wasn’t time. Steinfeld was horrifically bummed by Lea’s denial, and of course the tabloids jumped all over it and then some. But here’s the thing: 1) It’s not uncommon to see celebrities walking around on a studio lot. That’s where they work. And 2) it’s also true that TV and movie shoots can be super-grueling because of the ridiculous hours, and the people who work for the shows and films make every effort to keep their stars out of harm’s way. That said, 3) no one would want an autograph unless someone was famous, right? And 4) isn’t it the fans who make the stars famous? So perhaps good-natured diplomacy might have helped here. Here’s another point: according to reports Lea Michele was quoted as saying: “I never meant to hurt her feelings. She’s an extraordinary talent and I look forward to meeting her one day.” Okay. So you felt bad, LMitch. I get that. What I’m wondering is: would you have felt just as bad if she weren’t “an extraordinary talent” and if you hadn’t ever wanted to “meet her someday”? I’m just saying…I think sometimes these stars forget who they are. I’m not advocating fan mobs and those completely inappropriate moments when a gaggle of screaming teens literally accosts a star. However, I have trouble believing that one lone thirteen-year-old girl posed an awkward/perilous situation. Of course we’ll never really know what happened, but this is the kind of Hollywood story that makes you wonder. Plus, as one pretty successful TV star pointed out backstage at the People’s Choice Awards last week, let’s remember who signs our paycheck, and why …if not for the fans, where would any of these (admittedly talented) “stars” be? It’s a tricky situation all around. Fortunately, both Hailee Steinfeld and Lee Michele are both whoppingly skilled  with plenty of fans – and promising career prospects ahead. So nobody’s particularly worried about either of them, slight or no slight. Okay now, let’s go back to our Best Dressed inquiry. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these 2011 People’s Choice outfits was your favorite:

1) AnnaLynne McCord
2) Katy Perry
3) Taylor Swift
4) Kate Walsh

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