Make Way for the Golden Globes!

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Time to print those at-home ballots and get the chips and dip out again…

Because now that the 2011 Peoples Choice Awards have kicked the whole thing off, we can say  “Okay Underway Awards Season, what’s next for you?” Where will all the celebrities be seen chatting, smiling, waving,  — making publicists nervous, dress designers famous, and gossip columnists ravenous – on the Red Carpet next? And do we suppose that any organization – Hollywood, foreign, or otherwise – will have the design moxie to call for another blue carpet like the one we saw last week at the Nokia Theater?  I doubt it. I will still however eagerly tune into the 68th annual Golden Globes this coming Sunday on NBC.  This is the one that’s presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which is a group of journalists whom nobody’s ever heard of with the power to make enormous career-making decisions about products created mostly stateside. (If someone asks you about it at a party this weekend, you can always just say “Well you know, right now the HFPA represents 55 countries around the world” and leave it at that. This is probably more than anyone else will know.) As you may recall, this is also the one that’s less formal than the Oscars for many of the gentlemen at least, largely because it’s in a ballroom and everyone’s at tables eating and drinking to their hearts’ content. Which naturally produces both loosened neckties and loosened tongues when some of the men make their way up to the podium. The other thing that makes it all pretty entertaining is the presence of one Ricky Gervais, the Globes’ English host who may very well seem pixilated right out of the gate. They say too that the Globes are an excellent Oscar predictor, or they’ve frequently been so. This year we have The Fighter, The King’s Speech, The Social Network, Inception and Black Swan dueling it out for Best Drama, which may be a close race if you’re the betting type. In the Best Comedy or Musical category, we have Alice in Wonderland, Burlesque, Red, The Kids Are Alright and The Tourist in contention – I’m thinking The Kids Are Alright may prevail here. In the movie acting categories, it appears that the only lock is Colin Firth, who will probably win here and everywhere else for The King’s Speech. The Globes also celebrate TV shows, so you get the primetime TV gang thrown in too. Plus, this year they’re not fooling around with a strictly adult viewing audience – as witnessed by the announced presence of Zac Efron, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson who will most assuredly cause teens, tweens and Twi’s to tune in, pronto.  Plus, we’ll get to see Olivia Wilde, Steve Carell, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert Downey, Jr. and Sandra Bullock among others presenting awards, too. Historically Meryl Streep has won more Golden Globes than anyone – seven – and so now, let’s look at a few other ladies to whom the HFPA has given major props. As in, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of the only four actresses to win two Golden Globes in the same year is your favorite:

1)  Helen Mirren

2)   Joan Plowright

3)   Sigourney Weaver

4)   Kate Winslet

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