Yay or Nay on Gervais & Globes’ Best Dressed

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Ricky Gervais is probably in a lot of trouble…somewhere.

Who watched the Golden Globe Awards Sunday night? Who thought that, despite some awkward moments, more than a few people/shows that  deserved to win did win? If you haven’t yet watched and you don’t want to know what happened stop reading now…but if you do know, maybe you’re as thrilled about Chris Colfer and Annette Bening as I am. Both took home trophies. Colfer – the kid from Glee – blew people away with his genuine surprise and funny/powerful/resonant speech. Now I hope that Annette Bening gets the same amount of love come Oscar-time, but I suspect that Natalie Portman (who also triumphed because the Globes split movies into drama and comedy) may prevail.

There were no big musical numbers, no big shockers, just a swift awards show that was fun to watch.

Ricky Gervais, whom I feel is a comic genius, was merciless toward many in his hosting duties. It’s also been argued that he doesn’t pick on people who cannot defend themselves adequately, and that looked to be about right on Sunday — with one glaring exception that may cost Mr. G plenty professionally. He went after Charlie Sheen, which was funny although not particularly inspired. He poked at Scientologists, also funny but kind of verboten. He took shots at Bruce Willis and Tim Allen – again, not a problem. He actively skewered The Tourist (this may be because despite the peculiarity of its Globe nomination, it also features two of the world’s biggest movie stars, who can definitely take it). Then he made the mistake of needling one of the Hollywood Foreign Press dudes – with the object of his ridicule both wooden, unimpressed, and glowering. This may cost Gervais future HFPA gigs.

Now, because I work for the People’s Choice I always like to read the comments on any site. In response to this Globes brouhaha, a lot of fans seemed to want Hollywood to get over itself and give Gervais a break, although many did feel like he was stepping over the line. What do you think?

Robert Downey Jr. – another target of ridicule (because the fact that he went to jail will apparently never get old) managed to acquit himself beautifully with an inspired rant about each of the ladies nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy. He also characterized a goodly portion of the night as mean-spirited, and I suspect many would agree.

Curiously Robert DeNiro made people laugh quite a bit and Matt Damon probably shouldn’t try to. Glee finally got some of the love it deserves, and The Social Network now heads towards Oscar with even better odds. So we’ll stay tuned. In the meantime, let’s focus on what’s really important: the clothes. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Golden Globe ladies looked best:

1)   Angelina Jolie

2)   Anne Hathaway

3)   Eva Longoria

4)   January Jones

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