Golden Globes: Dazzled & Frazzled

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If you’ll be so kind, indulge me for a moment and let’s partake in a little role play for fun. Here goes:

…imagine you’re headed to the Golden Globes – once again. See, you’re starring on a TV show that’s gotten both critical and popular acclaim. The show’s won lots of awards and you can’t get groceries without getting recognized. You’ve been around for a few years now – it’s not your first rodeo —  so you’re not nervous about the Globes, and you’re used to being perceived as pretty darn glamorous. It’s Los Angeles after all, and so basically your entire net worth is inextricably tied to your appearance.

Now, as is the custom in Hollywood, when you’re a big star in movies or TV, the clothing designers, shoemakers, accessory people (everyone who makes anything that’s going to get seen on you) clamors for the opportunity to clothe/drape and bejewel you for events. This is common, and nowadays all red carpet interviewers know to say “and so tell us, lovely starlet, who are you wearing today?” at which point you then blurt out something like “oh, you like? It’s Badgley Mischka” or “This is a Zac Posen original” or “Gosh, its Michael Kors; I just love him” and then all the people who work for, or are Michael Kors, watch you on TV and are thrilled/cluck with pride and know with confidence that pretty soon lots of other people are going to come knocking. It’s the same with the men, although not to that extent because there’s only so much “signature detailing” that can be added to a tuxedo. Designers do fight for it, though, and there’s a world of difference between black, carbon, dark navy, charcoal, ink, and anthracite. Now when you get to be a really big deal, you also get to wear quite a bit of jewelry that’s not exactly yours, but loaned to you for a major awards show shindig. Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, Chopard …all those guys. Happens all the time. And these baubles can be very expensive indeed.

So imagine you have one of these trinkets on  — it’s actually a diamond bracelet from Chopard  — and it cost $850,000. It’s lovely, and you feel pretty good. In fact, you feel amazing. So then you wear it on the red carpet at the Globes. Flashbulbs go crazy. And then you walk into the main auditorium for the awards… and you look down….and suddenly, it’s gone.

What’s that feel like?

This is exactly what Christina Hendricks, Mad Men’s redheaded vixen, discovered three nights ago. Now, before you go imagining yourself in jail, or turning over your life’s savings (and everyone else’s life savings you know) rest assured, the bracelet was found. And Christina felt that the clasp was too iffy anyway so she tucked it in her dress and handed it off to a publicist before she had to go trash her piggy bank.  But what I want to know is what goes through your mind when you’re wearing an $850,000 diamond bracelet …and then what does it feel like to lose it? I know when I lose my eyeglasses in a movie theater I can get pretty frantic – let’s consider what a TV star sounds like to those standing nearby when she is quietly trying to locate something that’s valuable but maybe everyone doesn’t need to know just how valuable….My guess is it was a tense few minutes.  I’d have lost it and then some.

Just something to think about. Now, when I think about the sunglasses I misplaced, I’m awfully glad they didn’t set me back $850K. But glad it all worked out for Christina.

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