What New Movies Look Good To You?

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There are a few cool-looking new movies opening in theaters today that you may want to investigate.

First up, No Strings Attached. You’ve seen the story before. You’ve seen the actors before – a lot. You’ve seen the same scenario done with different actors. But maybe you’re not exactly positive, because all those good-looking (and frequently talented) actors are swimming around in the romantic comedy fishbowl segment of your head. And they can be interchangeable. Sometimes they swim over and star in a Judd Apatow film, and sometimes they dive deep and do something silly like Valentine’s Day. But generally speaking, they’re dependable for an eye-catching film about reasonably intelligent people struggling with the exact same things the rest of us struggle with, only not all of us look like Ashton Kutcher or Natalie Portman. (And who on earth would ever want a committed not-just-friends-with-benefits-type deal with either of them, right??)

Next up we have a new movie from John Wells – which is significant because even if he’s not a  household name his products may be; he’s the executive behind a number of little TV shows like ER and the West Wing and Southland — in addition to  many others. You may not know this guy, but this guy definitely knows from drama.  This movie, called The Company Men, has been around gathering quite a bit steam because of its allegedly knockout performances. In it, several guys (Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Affleck, and Chris Cooper) are struggling with corporate layoffs.  Now it’s possible that this subject matter is a little on the iffy side, given our current climate (not that anyone seemed to mind Up In The Air) but this could also be a remarkable feel-good movie about redemption – or survival against the odds. I’m not sure but with the exception of Kevin Costner’s faux-Beantown accent, it looks pretty good.

Finally there is The Way Back, the new movie from Peter Weir. Who’s Australian and who directed one of my all time faves: The Year of Living Dangerously (with the  young and gorgeous Sigourney Weaver and Mel Gibson – years before he took the helm of the SS Wingnut and set sail for the Isle of Oblivion). Here Weir is working with Colin Farrell and Ed Harris, among others. This movie’s set during World War II and it’s all about a group of POW soldiers who bust out of a Siberian prison and must hike 4000 miles to safety in nearby India. I know that this will be popular among a certain kind of adventure-y, outdoors-y, action-y type of filmgoer, but it looks like heavy going to me.  Not as tough as say, walking those 4000 miles, but maybe almost close. This’ll be a gritty one. Me? I’m going to opt for The Company Men and probably, inevitably, you shouldn’t-but-you-know-you-will No Strings Attached. I’m not ashamed. That’s why they make movies. Have a great weekend!

Today’s poll: Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these movies you’re most likely to check out this weekend:

1)   The Company Men

2)  The Dilemma

3)   The Green Hornet

4)   No Strings Attached

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