Do You Agree With The 2011 Oscar Choices?

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Thanks for the feedback on midseason TV yesterday (I knew I was exactly the wrong person to fully appreciate The Cape in all its unfathomable glory). Plus, you all seem to agree that Harry’s Law is worth sticking with…sometimes a super-beloved actor/actress can do remarkable things with a moderate vehicle. (It makes you wonder what would happen if they made Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline one of the Perfect Couples.)

Are you ready for February 27th? Because the Oscars are really upon us. As in Academy members have picked outwho and what they want where in the categories. What do you think of the nominations? I was not altogether surprised. With a few exceptions. Best Picture nominees?  The usual suspects, with the addition of Winter’s Bone– a little indie movie set in the Ozarks about a young lady trying to track down her drug-addled father.

The Kings Speech was the reigning monarch here with twelve nominations. Ten noms went to True Grit (the John Wayne remake starring Jeff Bridges and that incredible Hailee Steinfeld which I am sure is phenomenal but which I won’t see on account of them being kinda rough on the horses but that’s the twelve-year-old girl in me talking.The Social Network and Inception each got eight nominations. In addition to these movies, plenty of accolades came The Fighter’s way, which if you ask me, are entirely deserved. Now there are people squawking about Mark Wahlberg not getting noticed. Um, did anyone hear Christian Bale’s speech at the Globes? When you have a super shiny bright light you are probably not staring at the object next to it (even if it happens to be the power source or the generator; Wahlberg played the straight guy and unfortunately for him, he picked something pretty close to the Marky Mark we already know & love –  so who’s going to notice that?) My personal fave, Annette Bening, was nominated for Best Actress and I hope she walks away with it. Now if you’re a bettor (and I am not) you should know that Oscar is something you can actually wager upon these days, and how. Really and truly, there are Vegas bookies waiting to arrange your bets and they take it very seriously. With odds just like at the racetrack. Even though I’m not a gambler, no way would I take any kind of money against Colin Firth to walk with the Best Actor trophy. I think that’s the only certainty that exists this year. Now, on to snubs: there are many who say that Mila Kunis was robbed from Best Supporting Actress; much as I like her – and find her beyond stunning — I don’t think she did all that much. Meanwhile, there are also those peeved about Ryan Gosling’s oversight for Blue Valentine. Now his was an undeniably terrific performance, but if you’re Ryan Gosling, wouldn’t you rather get nominated when you have a reasonable chance of winning? (I realize that’s cold comfort, but still). Here’s what I do see as a snub of serious proportions: Christopher Nolan was not in the Best Director category. What’s that about? My guess is that they’ll give him the Best Original Screenplay award and hope he forgets about everything else. Was he dissed because some voters don’t like an Englishman coming in and making a bigger, better Batman than anyone else? Can’t quite understand that. The other snub igniting controversy was the omission of The Town for Best Picture…I loved that film, but my guess is they could only nominate one movie about rough and tough Boston and they went with the true story (The Fighter). Me? I’m wondering why Despicable Me didn’t get noticed for animation, but perhaps it wasn’t an upbeat (or French) enough story for Oscar’s capricious taste. Beyond that, I feel like it’s going to be an amazing show and I’m psyched to catch it. In the meantime, let’s start with a very simple poll, using the most nominated pictures.

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of the movies which amassed the most Oscar nominations is your favorite?

1)   Inception

2)   The King’s Speech

3)   The Social Network

4)  True Grit

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