Who’s The Best Superman?

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He’s everywhere, tweeting, snapping, taking advantage of all available technology out there and mastering it as only he can. He’s a poster boy for the web. Nor does it hurt that he’s talented, quite funny, piercingly attractive and married to Demi Moore.

She’s a cerebral young lady with acting chops to spare, sublime looks, a hot hub-to-be, a special bundle on the way, a Golden Globe, a SAG trophy and a very close Oscar race ahead of her.

Together they’re starring in a film that explores the idea that somehow either of them might want to just enjoy a non-committal dalliance rather that actually go for it. For fun. Because we know so many people who look and behave exactly like these two in real life, and when our friends ask us we say “that one? Mehhh. Maybe for you know….but nothing more…”

Now honestly. Would you ever think – when push came to shove – that Sir Anthony Hopkins would trounce both Ashton Kutcher and It Girl Natalie Portman at your local cineplex’s box office? Well the old Knight’s done it,  and The Rite is the #1 movie in America for last weekend. And a vote for The Rite (that’s the one about the Vatican’s Exorcism School) says that no matter how tough things get here economically, no matter how much we tighten our belts, we still have a significant jones for getting the living daylights scared out of us by that whom the poet Milton called “The Prince of Darkness.” Even though we love a good friends with benefits romp, even though we can’t get enough of the Oscar flicks everyone’s raving about  (like The King’s Speech & Black Swan & True Grit) we still want to watch men in long robes listening to creaky noises in the gloom until something murderous pops out and renders everyone speechless. Well, bravo for escapism, then. You won’t catch me dead at a movie like The Rite (or I suppose that’s the only way you would find me there) but I’m glad Sir Anthony’s still on top in Hollywood. If only for a week.

Another Tinseltown story today is the casting of one Henry Cavill as the new Superman in the latest big budget reboot from director  Zach Snyder. You’d think that…well, you’d think they were casting world’s greatest superhero given the amount of brouhaha the selection of this relatively unknown Englishman has already generated on the web alone. (I don’t even want to think about what the comics/graphic novel community has to say.) Point is, you may know this dashing Brit from the TV series The Tudors, and if you’re English you may know him as the James Bond-y, mysterious face of Dunhill cologne (check out the commercials. Everyone else has.) I know who he is because allegedly Twilight author Stephenie Meyer wanted him to play vampire Edward Cullen – only by the time they went to make the movie, he looked too old. Anyway he is going to be the new Man of Steel and Warner Bros. couldn’t be happier. Oh well. I suspect if you’re not entirely certain who Henry Cavill is, over the next few moths you’re going to become very, very familiar with this appealing young man. But quick.

In the meantime, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these actors is your favorite Superman:

1)   Dean Cain

2)  Christopher Reeve

3)   Brandon Routh

4)   Tom Welling

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