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I’m still not watching the actual singing part of American Idol (actually, I did catch the non-couple duet and I caught that girl in the Technicolor Dreamcoat dress that Steven Tyler thinks is “the one” – but only from clips so that doesn’t count.) Other than that, I am waiting til they narrow it down because I can’t stand how shattered those people look when their dreams are stomped on in the eleven seconds before – oooops! We have to go to commercial! But, as I’ve said, I’m still intrigued with what may be pretty savvy judge casting. Seems like, given the amount of “disenchantment” they’ve stirred up among the newbies — so far so good. Here’s what I mean: first we hear that JLo is not happy – what with the amount of attention she isn’t getting. Then they tell us that she’s especially peeved because of the fact that a certain shaggy-haired other judge has stolen her spotlight.

Scripted? Planted?

I say, maybe.

For one thing, any time Jennifer Lopez isn’t happy, it’s kind of newsy. Largely because for everyone who doesn’t care for her, there are just as many on the other side who do. Thus, when she’s not psyched there are gloaters and there are defenders who take it upon themselves to carry her bedazzling burden. In this regard there’s no such thing as bad press for that one. Now here’s something they definitely scripted and planted, as evidenced by this delicious headline:


And just in case they didn’t get enough mileage when this idea was floated out there in the press, Ryan Seacrest had to tease it for all of us on his radio show and for about twenty zillion other syndicated listeners who maybe hadn’t heard or seen the news yet.

An apology, huh? On an ominous Black Card. Hmm. So we all bit. We bought it. Which is exactly what Fox wants. And I think we have to give them credit because they’re at least trying to creatively fill the Pangaea-sized chasm left by the exit of one Simon Cowell. Because really, who are we kidding here? If Steven Tyler is making googly eyes at young singers, and he is fooling around with peoples’ names, this is simply what he’s being paid to do. Did the producers of American Idol hire Steven Tyler because they thought he would behave like Matt Lauer or Tom Brokaw? Really. Really? Of course they didn’t, and they wouldn’t be the top-notch television makers that they are if they weren’t damn-well going to squeeze every scintilla of buzz out of their new judges. Which includes, natch, the various attention-deflecting moments and the inappropriate things each of them has and says. So maybe I won’t watch the show itself, but that which I am seeing while not watching really isn’t half bad at all.

Today’s featured poll:

With the Super Bowl upon us, which of these football movies is your favorite:

1)    Friday Night Lights

2)    Jerry Maguire

3)    The Longest Yard

4)   Rudy

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