Weekend Movies: Terror in a Dorm…or Underwater?

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Before we get to movies, congratulations go out to actor and brand new papa Colin Hanks. He and his wife are now the proud parents of a baby girl. The lucky young lady is also Tom Hanks’ first grandchild.

Now, onto the weekend’s new movies. Not a lot out there. Why?

Well, does anyone want to take on Sir Anthony Hopkins starring in The Rite which beat out No Strings Attached and The Mechanic last week? It’s unlikely. But what’s actually more unlikely is that any movie studio would want to release a big film on Super Bowl weekend (no disrespect to Sir Anthony). And just weeks away from the Oscars.  It is of course a double whammy of sorts, and what that means is you get to relax at home and not even think about movies because you’re rooting on the Packers or the Steelers or some combination thereof. Or, you’re just in it for the commercials. Or maybe you’ll attend someone else’s party and not pay attention to the game or the commercials. For those intrepid enough to venture out to a cineplex, you will not have any problem landing yourself a prime seat – only your “brand new” options will either leave you a) creepy-but-with-hot-girls-scared or b) waterlogged-and-claustrophobically-scared.  The first movie, The Roommate, is what happens when an unsuspecting college kid meets her brand new roommate only to discover that things with this little coed may not be what they seem. Yes, it’s Single White Female meets every other Too Good To Be True BFF tale.  (Speaking of which: did you know that Single White Female actually spawned a sequel? SWF: 2 came out in 2005 and went straight to video. Who knew?) The Roommate does feature Leighton Meester (who was terrific in Country Strong) and Minka Kelly (both of whom dazzled at the People’s Choice Awards last month, btw). Anyway, I predict this one will be extremely popular and maybe even critic-proof. Perhaps it’s a great and smart film. Not for me, but I am reasonably certain that many of our PCA readers will be gutsy/curious enough to see it… so please let us know how it is!

Now, if you like your thrills and chills underwater you might want to check out this weekend’s other big opening, which is called Sanctum. According to the studio, this film’s all about a diving team that becomes trapped in an underground cave system that accidentally seals shut after a freak storm. Freak storm or no freak storm, they lost me with “underground cave system”. One reason there’s ink devoted to this movie is because its producer – James Cameron – has apparently utilized some of his super-fabulous 3D technology to shoot it. Plus it was allegedly inspired by a true story. So for thrill seekers, and anyone who likes the old-adrenaline-fueled-race against time picture, this should do the trick. And that’s really it for newbies.  But we’ve got plenty more headed our way next week.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and have a great time watching (or watching the commercials during) the Super Bowl.

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