A NYC Valentines Day Soiree & Gwyneth P. Rocks It

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This morning I knew I wanted to talk about what I did last night, but wondered if there was anything else I should address floating out in the entertainment ether.  You know, fallout from the Lady Gaga Grammy song? (Apparently none; Madonna supports her. I knew it would be just fine. ) The only other thing that caught my eye was the screaming, look-at-me-this-second story about Mercede Johnston (sister of Palin babydaddy Levi Johnston) agreeing to pose for Playboy at age 19. Umm, not going to touch that one. I think I’d rather talk about what I did last night.

So here goes:

Greetings from New York City where People’s Choice Awards Prexy (that’s how they ‘shorten’ the word for ‘President’ in Hollywood. Much faster, right??) anyway PCA boss Fred Nelson took me to a fabulous star-studded theater Valentine’s Day gala where all manner of entertainment impresarios lurked.  There’s a theater company called Naked Angels which started, well, twenty-five years ago (hence the gala benefit) and many of its founding members would go on to become household names, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Rob Morrow, Gina Gershon and Marisa Tomei. Well, many of them were out in full force for the fete, which took place at the Roseland Ballroom which seats just over 30,000 comfortably and featured food, drink and celebrities of all shapes and sizes.  Yours truly was on the Red Carpet where I got a chance to chat with Edie Falco, Gina Gershon, Richard Kind, Nancy Travis, Ron Rifkin and a whole bunch of theater, film and TV denizens. It was one celebration I won’t forget and we’ll be posting some of the stars’ opinions on awards shows, movies and TV soon (nor would it be Valentines Day without asking famous people about their fave Romantic comedies, would it? You might be surprised at some of their answers.)

Anyway it was a spectacular evening to celebrate a wonderful theater company that after twenty-five years is still going strong. If you want more information on the gang, go to www.nakedangels.com and they’ll tell you all about the various programs offered. It was pretty cool to see creative people who have done truly exciting things with themselves professionally, and to see that a little theater company that could, did.

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