Pop Songs That Get The Gleetment

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The best thing about Wednesday night TV? Watching the Glee I Tivo’d the night before (on Tuesdays I host a nighttime reading series in LA where it’s my job to hand out scripts to clamoring actors who each want approximately five minutes of fame reading lines in front of a big audience). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it, but I don’t enjoy missing Glee live – well not exactly live but you know what I mean. And then of course you can’t miss Modern Family and so on. But on last night’s Glee –– how about Sam (Chord Overstreet) warbling the inimitable words of one Justin Bieber?  Did it have the effect of making you reconsider the originals? Or the beloved BoyChild behind them? (Case in point: I didn’t care one way or another about Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream until – hello – a bunch of cute high-schoolers in ties and blazers serenaded Kurt with it.) That’s just how the show works – they sing, we revisit. And maybe something that wasn’t cool – or catchy – suddenly gets that way. So for today’s poll I’ll ask you about songs that got the Gleetment, e.g. tunes you might like more when they’re courtesy of Lima, Ohio’s New Directions.

But now let’s talk more about Matthew Perry because his show Mr. Sunshine had its second outing. And much like singing Justin Bieber adds all kinds of excitement to Glee, the addition of Nick Jonas to Perry’s latest vehicle delivered some great buzz. And truth be told, Jonas did a great job on the show, playing a spoiled pop star with a Saturday-morning cartoon and a mass of screaming fans. I’m betting that viewership among tweens was strong for this second week, and I still maintain that Mr. Sunshine’s all about Allison Janney – which isn’t a bad thing at all. Perry himself is becoming more likable (not hard, he started out pretty low on the scale, but we’re seeing the more human side of him) and I feel like there could be life in the show. What do you think? Will you keep tuning into Mr. Sunshine? And will you watch Perry’s former costar Matt LeBlanc in his Showtime series Episodes (which is very funny)? Let us know what you’re watching – and why.

Today’s poll:

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these stars –  each of whom had songs in Glee – is your favorite:

1)   Justin Bieber

2)   Britney Spears

3)   Madonna

4)   Katy Perry

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