Oscars’ Best Dressed: Part 1

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I’m still reeling from all the excitement of last  night –  even though there weren’t lots of surprises. Still fun. Oscars. Recap. So what did you think? I watched and had nowhere near the visceral reaction of seemingly lots of viewers…while I don’t think James Franco and Anne Hathaway should quit their day jobs, I wasn’t entirely sure they were lousy hosts either. First of all – and we’ve all seen the insert-the-hosts-into-the-nominations thing before, I thought the opening was genuinely funny. It played on many levels and they even worked Twilight in. Good move. In fact, they featured far more of True Grit than I’d pay to see.

Secondly, I felt like lots of other folks got a chance at the helm last night  (B. Crystal: Funny and instantly captivating and oh-wow-would-it-be-great-to-see-more-of-him, T. Hanks: funny and just a little bit awkward/creepy intro-ing Gone With The Wind. Not sure what that was about). Oprah, comfy as ever, cool that she was there and she had a great dress on and well, still think it’s impressive that she’s presenting in the first place. Basically the people who we predicted would win, did win (Firth, Leo, Bale, Portman) and the movie that’s crept up and become whoppingly popular of late (The King’s Speech) got what it deserved, in my mind at least.

Inception did actually pick up four trophies – which will make its fans less bummed (even if they were the lesser awards). And for those of you who thought Alice in Wonderland wasn’t Academy material, turns out, it was!

Franco and Hathaway even mentioned why they were there (the attempt to woo a younger viewing audience demographic – & we have to give them credit for copping to that) and what many felt was stilted and awkward I found tentative and kind of appealing (and I had NOT thought that I would like them). Kirk Douglas – um, jury’s out on that because he’s getting up there – was the procrastinating joke on us, then?

Far as I was concerned, there were no huge surprises (and the only potential upset I was particularly bummed about – Annette Bening – didn’t happen and I doubted it would although I have to say that Natalie Portman’s speech was among the more eloquent and delightful).

Bottom line, tonight we all knew who was going to win (apparently more than in years’ past), so in the end it was more about who wore what dresses and who – when they did ultimately win – spoke most compellingly (Portman, Firth, Sorkin, Hooper).But this is about what you guys think – did you like? And if not, what didn’t you like? Before I get to the poll, can I just say that perhaps Sandra Bullock should be hosting everything on earth? That’s just me.

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these ladies’ outfits was your favorite?

1)   Sandra Bullock

2)   Halle Berry

3)   Mila Kunis

4)   Jennifer Hudson

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