New 2011 DWTS Cast: Will YOU Tune In?

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Wow…lots of great feedback on our Oscar’s Best Dressed poll. For what it’s worth I thought the normally stunning Cate Blanchett appeared to be wearing an Easter luncheon doily with a little girl’s vanity mirror embroidered across the front.

Today, TV. We’ve had two big TV announcements this week; one of them news and the other: really, really good news.

First up: DWTS is baaack. Well, Monday March 21st it is. And the lineup is interesting to be sure. One of the English newspapers has said of soon-to-be Dancing Star Kendra Wilkinson, “DWTS Recruit Goes from Fab to Drab”. I say, with a few exceptions the whole show may have gone from Fab to Tab – as in tabloid. Also maybe Fab to Ab, since there are quite a few athletes I’ve never heard of (and I’m including Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models and NFL wives in that sportsesque category). Okay here goes…in case you missed the headlines, we can expect this season Kendra Wilkinson (former Playboy Playmate & NFL bride), Chris Jericho (WWF champion), Sugar Ray Leonard (famous boxer, frequent & charismatic sports commentator), Hines Ward (Pittsburgh Steelers’ Wide Receiver), Chelsea Kane (Disney actress and singer), Wendy Williams (daytime talk show host), Mike Catherwood (LA Radio DJ), Petra Nemcova (model), Ralph Macchio (Ralph Macchio), Romeo (rapper), and Kirstie Alley (funny TV star ).

What do you think? Will you tune in? Are these stars enough to lure you?

Personally I will probably tune in for some (it’s not like American Idol where people who don’t get picked get ridiculed and promptly jettisoned back into obscurity – these people all have publicists and handlers who are at least out looking for the next product endorsement/Bahamian Celeb Pro-Am Golf tourney).  I’ll watch because I like Sugar Ray, I have met and like Ralph Macchio very much (how could you not??) and I like Kirstie somewhat (although I do find both her recent public proclamations and the way she spells her name unfathomable). Who knows…maybe this 12th Season will  make for good spring break –style entertainment. Although there aren’t any of those Donny Osmond-type instantly recognizable showmen/crowd pleasers, it seems. Is it just me or are the DWTS casts running out of garden variety film and television “stars”  — and are they now resorting to “pheeenoms” rather than “people”? Perhaps this is another casualty of America’s ongoing love affair with reality TV.

Know what I am completely thrilled about? Oh, that Showtime has ordered up more episodes of two terrific shows. One is Episodes (the one with Matt LeBlanc starring as Matt LeBlanc that spoofs Hollywood) and Shameless (the one with William H. Macy that profiles a struggling Chicago family). Those two shows make up for whatever DWTS doesn’t offer in the thrills department, if you ask me. And having never been a big premium cable viewer, I can recommend you check out Showtime a.s.a.p. because those two may very well restore your faith in great TV with really smart scripts and hyper appealing actors. Oh I’ll still watch DWTS for a while, but if they don’t do something charming/groundbreaking/interesting I’ll be more than content with Modern Family, Glee, Fairly Legal & Private Practice.

Today’ poll:

How well do YOU remember DWTS? Test your knowledge and let us know in today’s featured poll which of these former DWTS winners is your favorite:

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