Maybe The Show Wasn’t So Bad…

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Which is more shocking to you…that Justin Bieber’s hair sold on eBay for a grand total of $40,688, or that 85,000 fans allegedly dropped him on Facebook after he went and got a haircut? (And does that mean that 85,000 people were originally lured in by his hair to begin with? Or are they just cut-and-run types?) As it turns out, the hair cash proceeds are going to a very special place – an animal rescue organization called Gentle Barn. Why the good will and the genuinely awesome philanthropic gesture? Ellen DeGeneres was behind it. There we go. Now I’m an even bigger fan (of hers; I’m never really going to get the Biebs, but I believe that generationally, I am not supposed to).

Speaking of things I am not supposed to understand: why is it that the Oscars were actually watched by about 10% less than watched last year, but they were still far more popular than Oscars over the two years prior? For all the criticism, it seems to me that just maybe the folks behind Oscar shouldn’t be quite as disappointed as everyone says they should be  — when 37 million people still watched. That’s a lot more than caught Jon Stewart OR Hugh Jackman when they hosted in previous years, and yet still we complain. One theory is that regardless of hosts, people are less likely to watch when there’s no most-successful-movie-of-all-time to follow like Avatar. Sure Anne Hathaway was overdoing it, but it looked to me as though she was overcompensating for James Franco’s reaction to what must have been incredible stress: utter and total detachment. It looked like two young people under enormous pressure whose nerves manifested themselves in two ways – neither of which was very “winning”. And for everyone who thinks he was on some kind of drug during the show… really? Really?? When it comes to top tough jobs (like being President) and you’re in the entertainment business and you’re not a super-seasoned pro and you get the much-ballyhooed and risky nod to host the biggest night in Hollywood, does it really make sense to risk it with a mind-altering substance? I sincerely doubt that Franco, even if he does get high, would have taken an opportunity that in his biz is the equivalent of the coolest job on earth for a day, and jeopardized it with something to take the edge off. Thus I think all those pundits who are saying he was high are actually misreading him. Any mental health professional will tell you there are myriad ways to deal with stress, and that one of them is just to “disconnect” which is probably what he did. In fact, even though everyone breathed a big sigh of relief when Billy Crystal hit the stage, (wishing, oh wishing he’d take over) wasn’t it just a few years ago that he too was “replaced”? I’m just saying that we can be mighty fickle with our hosts, all of whom have their fair share of charisma, whether or not it’s clear – or demonstrated – on Oscar night. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sandra Bullock give that job a shot one of these days anyway. Now let’s revisit some other Oscar hosts and compare Anne and James to past MCs.

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