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Yesterday I was sitting in a Los Angeles restaurant and a song came on the stereo and it was one of those moments where you say to yourself: “I know that song! Wait. What’s that song?? It’s good. Hmmm…I’ve heard that song in clips because it gets nominated for awards all the time…wait…don’t tell me…urgghhh….I didn’t want to like that song because everyone loves that song but yup, it’s really kinda good.” And even if you don’t have the kind of elaborate running soliloquy going on in your head that Yours Truly does each time you’re near a jukebox, I bet you know what I mean. The song in the restaurant was Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now,” btw. Now, I always pride myself on being an old school country music fan – you know, the Johnny Cash/Patsy Cline ilk. So I was startled by the appeal of the “new”. Willing to embrace, but startled nonetheless. I really don’t know too much about current country music, although that fact didn’t stop me from going to see – and genuinely enjoying – Country Strong. That fact did make me regard Tim McGraw as an actor first, which I know would horrify the entire state of Tennessee. Before The Blind Side and Country Strong I’d never heard him open his mouth, even though I now know he’s sold about sixty bazillion records. (And quite honestly, he’s an awfully good actor too, so I don’t feel that ignorant).

Now when a new band is out that not everyone knows about and I can be that person who says “hey, check this out” – that’s quite a different story. Obviously no one’s going to tell anyone about Tim McGraw. But how about the hot, young, up-and-coming trio touring with Tim McGraw?

That would be The Band Perry.

They look all of about fourteen. (Well, there’s three of them and they’re siblings so let’s say fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen.) It’s Kimberly, Reid, and Neil Perry. And truth be told, they have a Grammy and a platinum record so somebody’s heard their music – just not me. Until this weekend. And they’re genuinely super-catchy and good and if you don’t believe me, download the free song here and play it four times today and tell me that when you wake up tomorrow morning “Independence” isn’t somewhere in your head. I guarantee it will be. Because for me at least, I always make a point of listening to all new singles four times and if it’s still there in my head the next day, I’m sold. Nor does it hurt that The Band Perry’s lead singer has a) a mad set of pipes and she also b) manages to rhyme “perfume” with “curfew” on another track (“You Lie”) and sound really cool doing it.

Plus, when you download, you’ll also get entered to win tickets to go see them live – with Tim McGraw. So give The Band Perry a listen and let us know what you think.

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