Movies: Aliens vs. Lawyers vs. B.Cooper & R.DeNiro

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Another Movie Day is here. I expect – right out of the gate – that Battle: LA will still do gangbusters at the box office, even though it may be challenged by Mssrs. DeNiro and McConaughey who each have big films opening today.

First, let’s look at the glossiest film you might want to catch: Limitless. This one has “morality tale” written all over it, and in it Bradley Cooper takes an experimental drug that turns him from average Joe to an extraordinarily dynamic and unstoppable hot guy in expensive suits. Because the rags to riches thing happens early on, however (in the trailer at least), we have to assume that this is not the point, and sure enough, along come some bad guys (who may or may not be headed up by Robert DeNiro) determined to take our hotshot hero out. So we’ll call this a thriller and a morality tale wrapped up in a candy confection that includes some of the better looking actors and actresses on screen today: Bradley Cooper, Anna Friel, Abbie Cornish and DeNiro himself, who has finally decided to move away from paternal nice guys.

Next up, we have The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey as a cocky barrister (apparently he’s not played an attorney for some 14 years) struggling with a humdinger of a case and a maybe guilty/maybe not Ryan Phillippe. McConaughey’s lawyer also comes face to face with some of the more dangerous criminal elements of Los Angeles. Nor do they call his character the Lincoln Lawyer because of his deep and abiding admiration for our country’s sixteenth president; rather, he does all business from the back seat of a Lincoln Town Car. Based on Michael Connelly’s bestselling novel, this movie also stars Marisa Tomei and William H. Macy. Expect this one to be popular; it may even return McConaughey to the top of the thriller heap (temporarily removing him from the bad rom com wasteland where he’s been languishing for the past couple of years).

Another movie targeted squarely at hip young men and their datenight crowd we have Paul, a comedy about a slacker alien who appears on earth and embarks on a roadtrip with actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (these guys are from Hot Fuzz & Shaun of the Dead). The filmmakers are  smart here because even in the ads they stress the connection with Superbad (nor is it a coincidence that the alien himself is voiced by Seth Rogen) and this will, if it’s not initially successful, enjoy a very long happy life on the DVD and Netflix circuit.

Finally we have a movie called Win Win which was written and directed by Tom McCarthy who is no stranger to smart, funny and gripping dramas (he’s the guy behind The Station Agent and The Visitor). Here we get the very dependable (and frequently genius) Paul Giamatti playing a lawyer and family man who takes on a side job as a wrestling coach. With the appearance of actors Amy Ryan and Jeffrey Tambor on the scene, things really begin to unwind for him and chaos ensues. This movie got tons of attention at the festivals and has nothing but amazing word of mouth. It’s still in limited release, but keep an eye out for Win Win — because this one’ll rock, big time.

There you have it; as always let us know what you see, and what you think. Have a great weekend.

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