Which Actors Will You Go See – Regardless Of The Movie?

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Can one actor – just one, single person– get you to see a movie even if the plots sounds absolutely terrible to you?  Do those actors still exist?

I wonder about this; I guess Hollywood movie studios wonder about this A LOT because when you read the entertainment trade papers they’re always talking about whether or not a certain actor has the sheer magnetism to “open” a film all by him-  or herself. Lots of films actually get made – but never get beyond that – because they simply have a big star “attached” to star. Really and truly, moviegoers today are super-smart and super-informed. You know what you want, and what you like, and you don’t want anyone wasting your time. Or your paycheck.

Plus, with the dizzying amount of choices, films usually have to have a few things going for them (e.g., if you love westerns, and you love George Clooney, then it’s a no-brainer).

But what happens when you love the star but the movie’s premise is sort of mehhh. Will you still go? This came up yesterday. I know that lots of people went to the cineplex this weekend. Not me, because sadly the combo of the LA Marathon and a torrential thunderstorm completely immobilized much of Los Angeles (leaving lots of transplants from the Midwest and the East shocked that it takes so little to bring America’s mighty entertainment capitol to its quivering, stay-indoors knees). I did however watch some astonishing TV.  More on that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I was sure everyone was going to go and make The Lincoln Lawyer the #1 film this weekend. So certain that those many, many fans of Matthew McConaughey (and Matthew McConaughey’s abs) would return him to his former throne so he no longer has to make movies with titles like How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days or Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. But no. It would appear that the combo of Bradley Cooper’s current hotness combined with Robert DeNiro once again donning his Squinty McVillain cape actually enticed viewers into making Limitless the box office champ.

Now, what I’m wondering is, what makes you see a movie first – is it mostly the star or the plot? Obviously for many people it’s a combination of factors (and sometimes it amounts to I wanted to get out of the house or everything else looked awful) but I’m curious about which actors and actresses have that magic draw for you.  For example, I don’t like horror and won’t ever go see a horror movie. Period. Anything with supernatural scary stuff, or gore, or disfigured/disgruntled folks exacting revenge I will automatically skip. But with that caveat in mind, I will always go see any movie that Johnny Depp, Jason Bateman, Meryl Streep or James Spader make. Hands down. Even if it’s the worst reviewed Viking-Coming-Of-Age-Drama or a Sci-Fi-Mess-Set-In-The-Year-46 A.D., I’ll watch it.  Of course every single one of those actors has made some real doozies. But still I return, regardless.

My question for you today is who does it for you? Which star has that magic that will make you go watch their film, even if it looks like the worst thing you’ve ever seen… but it doesn’t matter? Now for many of you, there maybe no one that fits that bill. Still, I have to believe that since you’re PCA people who like to be entertained, there might be a couple who still have that “Of course I’ll go see that!” magnetism. Today I want to start with the actors, and later on this week we will look at some of the actresses.  Note: I can only put four actors in today’s poll, so if there’s another actor whose movie you will see no matter what, let us know who he is.

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these actors you will always watch – regardless of the movie:

1)   Matt Damon

2)  Johnny Depp

3)   Brad Pitt

4)   Will Smith

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