Meryl, Julia, Sandra & Angie: Who Will You Always Watch?

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So now with the Dancing With The Stars premiere is behind us, I’ve met my reality show quota for the week. I’ll watch next week, but I’m actually proud of myself for not being stunned to read that Kendra Wilkinson is not above using a “stripper pole” on DWTS this season, as E! Entertainment now claims.  Nice.  I knew there was a reason I preferred scripted television. Not that DWTS isn’t.

Speaking of which, there are two casting items I wanted to bring up. One isn’t really a casting notice, only it will be soon enough. Because it looks like the cast of Perfect Couples is likely to be looking for work. Nor, having seen some of the show, does it appear to be something the actors could have helped. It was the least inspiring new comedy I’ve seen in a long time and evidently, NBC thinks so too. They are reportedly replacing it with a new Paul Reiser (Mad About You) show, called The Paul Reiser Show, and hopefully he’s got the veteran chops and better writing to sustain us. In a real bit of casting news Benjamin Bratt is joining the cast of Private Practice.  Not a ton of details yet, but we do know he’s going to become a fixture on the medical drama. Which is pretty cool news for – if you haven’t seen it recently –  a consistently awesome show. I’ve watched it on and off since the beginning, but a few months ago got seriously re-hooked. There’s something to be said for smart plotlines and tremendous acting.

Moving on, let’s return to those magnetic actors who can get us into a theater.

When I posted Monday about actors whose movie you’ll see regardless (even if it’s a stinker and you absolutely, positively KNOW it’ll be a stinker) I was certain that you all would add tons of other names to the list who’d been omitted.  Is it possible that we got a goodly portion of them all on the list (with the notable exception of Alex O’Loughlin)? I doubt it. Hollywood’s huge. Now, it’s also entirely possible that we just don’t have so many of those Of-Course-I’ll-Go-See-That actors anymore. But again, I still think there’s another reason. Is it because there are so few truly charismatic ones? Heck no. Is it because lots of movie plots are so egregiously bad that they keep people away? Quite possibly. But here’s the thing – I’m pretty sure there’s a very short list of actors because there’s so much else to do. Thus, rather than watch The Men Who Stare at Goats we can all just go on the internet and watch the good pics George Clooney’s made. Now I was talking to a friend about this and I asked him if there were any actors  – or actresses – that would get him into a theater no matter what, and he explained that maybe it’s more of a girl thing. He said guys might be less likely to have that kind of list. I have no idea if he’s right. So for today, let’s list a few actresses. To see if there are any whom you think are sooo fantastic that you’ll catch their next movie – even if it looks dumb/bad/silly, or whatever. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these leading ladies’ movies you’ll go see – no matter what:

1)   Meryl Streep

2)   Sandra Bullock

3)   Angelina Jolie

4)   Julia Roberts

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