Can You Think Like a Kid?

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Four people asked me this week if I was spending a lot of time talking about Charlie Sheen on this blog. And the answer has always been no, largely because I think there’s something actually enabling about talking about people who are battling personal demons in Hollywood. I think we should steer clear. I also find the whole thing mind-numbingly negative, and not particularly interesting. Throughout it I’ve felt   — probably like most people  – that Charlie was a really out-there creep with an unusually savvy grasp on the Hollywood spin machine, who’d ultimately beat his employers at their own game and who’d proceed to laugh maniacally to the bank.  He seems little more than a brutal wingnut who’s accurately gauged the astounding leverage that comes with driving a multimillion-dollar TV franchise (to which, I suspect, he will ultimately return before too long).  Until I read about this latest imbroglio involving his dogs with Denise Richards. Beyond reprehensible. But that’s all the ink we’ll give him here.

On to more upbeat things. The 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards is this coming Saturday (that’s the one where eight zillion kids vote and everyone gets slimed). Wunderkind Willow Smith and the Black Eyed Peas are scheduled to perform, and Justin Timberlake will receive an honor for being a Really Good and Thoughtful Guy. Plus, it’s hosted again by Jack Black and he’s funny, so perhaps it’ll be a great show. Will you tune in?

While I am far from the target audience for this event, I do try to stay reasonably abreast of kids’ entertainment. Hollywood’s getting smarter too, because plenty of kids’ movies are just as appealing to adults. Although right when I think I have a clue about what kids are doing and what they’re talking about, I read something absolutely baffling. Or at least something that underscores how far afield adults can be when they try to “get” what’s on kids’ minds. For example, just yesterday, I was looking back at fluffy headlines on one of my favorite young peoples’ gossip sites that isn’t credible but is addictive. The headline read  “Shia LaBeouf Only Owns 3 Tee Shirts and my initial reaction was, come on kidswhat’s wrong with that? And why is this considered newsworthy? (Now I realize that for any number of media outlets, the notion of “newsworthy” is subject to tremendous debate). Still, my first thought was well okay, so what? So the guy prefers collared shirts… is that a crime?  Good for Shia, preferring to be overdressed in a place like Hollywood where that’s not cool. Maybe he could give some sartorial tips to Simon Cowell. Until I realized that um, they were not talking about collared shirts at all – rather they were suggesting that M. LaBeouf was essentially unwashed. The point they were making – which I had missed entirely, was that he only owns three tee shirts. As in, do the math.


Never mind being too rich or too thin — bottom line: perhaps we’re never as young or as tuned-in as we think we are.

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