Flicks: Jake & a Train, Funny Rabbits, or Prepare For Rainn

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Well, we have good news for Mad Men fans. The guy behind the show’s decided to pocket the $30 million dollars offered for the next three years and they’ve somehow agreed not to tinker with it too drastically. Nor will they have to cut two key players per season either (although they might want to rethink that if January Jones or that Draper kid get any whinier). Many episodes will be two minutes shorter, to which I say, big deal – if the commercials are a problem people should just DVR it and skip them. While it’s terrific that they’ve settled it, it’s still the case that nothing will happen for us – the viewers  —  til March of 2012. Will you wait? Or will you forget about it entirely (and then maybe it’ll be an out-of-the-blue bonus like the $5 bill in the couch cushion). Judging from yesterday’s poll results, the AMC show everyone most cares about is The Walking Dead, anyway. So there’s that.

Now let’s take a look at things you can watch ASAP – tonight, in fact, if you so choose. The Hot Guy Breathless Thriller of the Week? That would be a new film called Source Code, with Jake Gyllenhaal. This is for The Adjustment Bureau and Unstoppable crowd, and maybe those Prince of Persia fans who cannot get enough of JG. What you’ll get here is a guy who’s somehow transported in time (like they always are nowadays) who finds himself witnessing a massive train bombing catastrophe and has all of 8 minutes to unravel/stop the mystery. They’re saying it’s got hints of Jake’s uber-culty  Donnie Darko, only there’s a different rabbit who’s likely to be this weekend’s box office champ. That would be the bunny in Hop, and it looks like this film’s studio could easily have added multiple cast members to Mad Men with the millions they spent on advertising. In Hop, Russell Brand voices E.B. – son of the Easter Bunny – who heads to Hollywood where apparently all manner of hijinks ensue. Looks fun and, with a PG rating, might attract all kinds of fans. Make that will attract all kinds of fans – because I suspect this one will do big Easter business.

Then we have another movie in theaters called Insidious (is it ever a good idea to title movies with words that need looking up in the dictionary? I’m not sure but I suppose I’m one adjective wiser now).  Some of the guys behind the Saw movies made this little horror number (thus I’ll steer very clear) and it’s all about a haunted house. The buzz among horror fans is pretty good. Apparently English teachers are pleased with it too.

For the indie/arty/undecided/bored set there’s a movie called Super with Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Liv Tyler that looks really good. In fact, it looks like the most fun you can have at the flicks this weekend. It’s all about an ordinary guy who somehow becomes a superhero. Think Kick-Ass with seasoned pros from the guy who wrote Slither and the Dawn of the Dead remake.  Plus Nathan Fillion’s in it so that alone should make it worth a peek.

What to catch? Will you run out and watch Jake racing against time (and Hop?) Or are you feeling like spring’s here so maybe it’s time to get the living daylights scared out of you via Insidious? As always, let us know what you saw and what you thought.

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