First “Harry Potter”, then “Twilight” and now ” _____________”?

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The Dancing With The Stars elimination round is tonight. Will you watch? I’m not exactly the wagering type but I would think that if Wendy Willams isn’t sent packing  — A. S. A. Humanly P. —   there’s something seriously flawed with this show. Not that I was even going to watch this much. Not that I’m actually hoping a certain football player I’ve never heard of makes it to the finals against the original Karate Kid or anything. But last night I did get to see my first tumble (I won’t spoil it) and I was sort of impressed by how gracefully it was handled all around.

I have two movie-related questions today. One is for pondering, and the other is because I am absolutely clueless about what appears to be a huge new pheenom.

First, I just caught this headline and I know it’s a very big deal:

FDA Says No To Calorie Counts At Movie Theater Concession Stands.

I get this…all these new health-care initiatives means everyone needs to be more aware – nutritionally speaking. And it looked like the FDA would crack down on disclosing the truth about the molten magma of buttery goodness liberally applied to our buckets of popcorn. I’m guessing that meant the $11 Jujubees and Dots and Good & Plenty would also have to belly up sheepishly to the truth bar. Only this didn’t happen. Which I am sure has parents in a tizzy, and confectioners and molten-magma makers thrilled. But here’s the thing. What I wonder is this –  do you really want to know the less-than-savory facts about one of life’s few remaining more-than-savory pleasures?  It’s one thing to know that Drive-Thru’s translate to arterial nightmares and they’re just never, ever going to be a good idea. But the movies…I know that knowledge is power and one’s health depends on it, but for me, that’s one of the last great mysteries. And I acknowledge that mine is neither an intelligent nor even an informed opinion. Because of course the FDA should require full disclosure, but I’m not going to say that I mind being in the dark about what I’m eating in the dark for just a little more time. Thoughts?

Here’s my second movie-related question.  There’s a film enroute and I know I should understand the appeal, but I just don’t. See, whenever books come out frequently the popular ones will get “optioned” (optioning just means someone buys the rights to make it into a movie). Perfect examples are Harry Potter, Twilight and now The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The first two made bucketfuls of cash and are still wildly popular, and the third one is about as hot a property as we’ll see and I suspect it too will become a massive hit.

Now, can someone please tell me what the deal is with The Hunger Games?

In Hollywood all anyone’s talking about are these books and who’s going to land the super plum roles. But why on earth is this series such a phenomenon? Admittedly, I get defensive when people ask me why vampires and the ordinary schoolgirls they save from certain death at the hands of other vampires is anything but a powerful story of love and redemption that’s nothing short of genius, but that’s also the ordinary schoolgirl in me talking.  So I’m hoping someone can explain to me why The Hunger Games is such a compelling book. Is it really about kids competing to survive? I’m sure it’s exciting as all get out, but the reviews just talk about the great characters and how exciting the violent to-the-death battles are. What’s that about?  Am I mistaken or are we edging perilously closer to a gladiator and lions situation?  Fine for swords and sandals adult epics, but is it really a good idea to build an entire franchise on teen malnourishment? I’m sure I’ve missed something crucial here, but this looks a little disturbing to me.  Maybe the FDA should be setting its sites on this imminent blockbuster.

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