Rio Rises, Scream Doesn’t, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Back

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The mere fact that everyone is so colossally bummed out about the cancellations of All My Children and One Life To Live tells me that quite possibly I missed some pretty interesting daytime TV. Honestly. We’re still getting comments from PCA readers who literally grew up with these shows, many going from generation to generation, telling us just how much they meant. And how furious they are with the networks for letting the axe fall. Wish I had a show I’d grown up with for some twenty years – did anyone watch yesterday’s TV Land Awards? Those were definitely shows I grew up with (The Brady Bunch and The Cosby Show being two favorites) but nothing was as long-running as those beloved soaps were, and nowadays it seems like even hit shows are doomed to a short life because of people’s changing attitudes, short attention spans, and modern distractions. Nobody wants to stick with anything for too long.  Speaking of those changing attitudes…

What does it mean that the movie Rio upended Scream 4 in the box office race this weekend? (Nor am I suggesting that you care. Or even that either movie would be particularly appealing to you, or me, or anyone else we know. Okay. Maybe I can’t wait to see Rio.) Still, this is sort of a big deal when you think about it. Consider this: could the trouncing of Ghostface and Courteney Cox by a simple, lost, Blue Macaw mean that we’re finally stepping away from our national obsession with being scared and craving severed body parts? Could this maybe mean that every hot young teen actress might not need to have the requisite “Slaughtered Girl In Bar #1” as an early credit on her theatrical resume? Probably not, but it’s nice to imagine.  Bottom line, people felt that Rio was worth shelling out $40 million dollars on – while Scream 4 only came home with $19.3 million. Plus, a $40 million dollar opening (that beats out my fave Rango’s $38 million-dollar premiere) demonstrates that people are definitely getting more excited about movies these days.  Or at least ones that aren’t so dreadfully gory. Does this mean that the latest Saw and Hostel installments won’t do gangbusters? Absolutely not. But here’s hoping that something fun and maybe a little more lighthearted and perhaps even family-friendly unseats them, too.

On to the Silver-Linings-From-Canceled-TV Shows Department. Seems that even though Julia Louis-Dreyfus vanished from our TV’s kind of shockingly when they pulled the plug on The New Adventures of Old Christine, the Emmy-winner may indeed rise again. See, we’ve just learned that HBO has agreed to go ahead with her new comedy, which is called Veep – all about a senator who becomes Vice President.  Now, if you’re at all interested in this new show, you should definitely catch a little movie that came out a few years back called In The Loop. It was a weird British- American hybrid all about politics – only it was also a totally genius comedy. It starred James Gandolfini and Anna Chlumsky and a fabulous actor named Peter Capaldi. Not that many people saw it (it wasn’t marketed too well, and Americans were only familiar with a few cast members, but the film was absolutely brilliant and hilarious and should not be missed). The point here is that the guy who made this film is also the guy behind Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ new show which means that it will probably be biting and riotous and quite a smart satire of American politics. I for one am very excited about Veep, because I really liked The New Adventures Of Old Christine and of course, Seinfeld. Nor will it air for quite some time which is a good thing because I don’t actually have HBO but maybe by the time Veep premieres I will have gotten it together to purchase the premium cable channel. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at JLD and her former costars in today’s poll.

Today’s poll:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a new show coming on HBO. Which of the Seinfeld cast members is your favorite:

1)   Jerry

2)   Elaine

3)   Kramer

4)   George

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