Best New Spring TV Shows (Pt. 1)

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Today, a little old TV and a lot of new TV…

Even if you don’t like remakes, or ever feel that they’re a good thing (we won’t even get into the where did all the new ideas go part) I think we can agree that at least the addition of Johnny Depp’s cameo to the new 21 Jump Street movie (currently being shot in New Orleans) is a good thing. Right? Even if you’re not wild about the selection of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum (which actually sounds sort of benign to me) the inclusion and implied blessing of JD himself should make people a little happier.

Now, to new TV. Tonight we have The Voice debuting on NBC. Will you watch it? That’s the new reality show; the one getting lots of buzz with the very appealing celebrity coaches (Aguilera, Green, Levine & Shelton) and the almost impossible conceit (pick singers without seeing them). I applaud the effort and look forward to the debut. Once I’ve gotten my 90-minute Glee fix, of course.

There are quite a few new shows out there and I’ve been wanting to get more feedback; this week we’ll have a few polls to see what you think of the new stuff. Or relatively new. For example, Mr. Sunshine began in February so it’s now quite ancient but I’m a serious fan. Nor do I feel like I should get too attached because the network’s doing that thing where they stick it on the shelf for a few weeks and air something else. Which is never a good sign. And now, I understood all of you who were so desperately devoted to Moonlight.  See, I’m sure that if enough people watched Mr. Sunshine they’d see the true genius of Matthew Perry and Allison Janney together onscreen, whereupon they’d say “Holy smokes, this thing’s brilliant!” but they probably won’t, which is very disappointing.

In the Serious & Crime-y Drama category, we have some big newbies: Game Of Thrones has started and it’s got a HUGE cult following. In fact, HBO has already decided to give it a second season, Dire Wolves and all. For those who like a little more sacrilege in their viewing, there’s The Borgias with Jeremy Irons which is allegedly super-delicious. This too, has both tons of fans and a Showtime pickup for next season. Then AMC has The Killing which is 13 episodes devoted to solving a single murder (Who Killed Rosie Larsen?) The series was a big hit in Denmark and if the buzz on it here is any indication, AMC has yet another success on its hands (not that you could pay me to watch it. Looks way too scary.) Christian Slater has a new one called Breaking In (not to be confused with A&E’s Breakout Kings ) and Dana Delany is back with Body of Proof – another criminal procedural thriller-type deal where  everything hangs on a smart heroine and some sketchy fingerprints & hair filaments.  The word of mouth here is good although it’s still early to tell if this is a keeper.

It seems like only yesterday that a show called Perfect Couples appeared, and it was easily one of the worst shows I have ever seen. It’s gone now, which is exactly what I believe will happen to Happy Endings, which I found every bit as bad. Something about TV shows titled with adjectives and plural nouns?? Although Bosom Buddies, Perfect Strangers, and Desperate Housewives made out okay. So now let’s hear what you think about the new TV.

Today’s poll:

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which new cable TV shows you’re most excited about:

1)   The Borgias

2)   Game of Thrones

3)   The Killing

4)   Mildred Pierce 

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