The Voice: Love It or Hate It? (and How About Those Coaches?)

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Okay, so I drank it. The bald, chubby, homeless, elderly, and formerly disqualified Kool-Aid.

Did you watch The Voice?  What did you think? First of all, I want to say that I liked it so much I believe I will hate it when the coaches  – each of whom managed to win me over in some way or another – have to cull some of their own team. This will be a very distressing moment, because last night’s premiere, where they have the “Blind Auditions” was such a fantastic example of I don’t know, genuine humanity, that they’ll be hard-pressed to top it.  I suppose next week will be more of the same, although soon enough we’ll get to the whittling-down part. Plus, even though there were performers who didn’t get picked at all, for some reason the show handled it well, and the dream-dashing wasn’t that painful to watch. Nor did they spend a mini-eternity on everyone’s personal history which is appreciated — they just pushed them right out the door and let them sing.

And why on earth doesn’t Blake Shelton have Tim McGraw’s acting career too?  Full disclosure: I moonlight in alternative radio and don’t happen to know too much about Shelton although I can see why most everyone else in the US does. He’s fantastic. It’s also true that he may not want Tim McGraw’s acting career but he’s so comfy in front of the camera that I can’t imagine Hollywood not clamoring all over him.

Plus, having written for big, sweepy-camera TV shows with a huge audience, I feel that having the four celebs – Christina, Blake, Cee Lo, and Adam sing Crazy up front was great and visually smart and it did the trick in terms of establishing the tone of both individuality and teams. This was an amazing way to kick it off.

The performers were all excellent but in a way it wasn’t so much about them as it was about the banter and ‘rivalry’ between the coaches.  Who are all extremely successful singers on their own. Nor does this gig seem like something any of them needs, particularly (as DWTS does for so many of its stars). Perhaps that’s part of the appeal…the show features coaches who are all doing well and this looks (or was beautifully crafted to look) like they’re doing it because it’s fun and rewarding as all get out. Plus each of them seems to have a real competitive streak which in this case works because they seem somehow like, um, real coaches. So we automatically like them more.

Specifically, I think Adam’s team will be tough to beat; Javier Colon seems like a true breakout star, as does Jeff Jenkins. Like I said, the part where they cut four of their people loose probably won’t be so fun to watch. But until then, I remain very impressed with this new show. Now let’s hear your thoughts. Did you love it, hate it, or do you remain indifferent? Should American Idol be concerned? In fact, we already asked you about the four celebrity coaches BEFORE last night’s premiere – so let’s repeat the question to see if your opinions changed at all.

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