Movies: Back to Prom, with Ultra-Fast Cars and Fairy Tales to Boot

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Before we get to movies, we have first two Hollywood items that genuinely fall into the Good News department (which is – let’s face it – not all that common in Tinseltown). It seems Kate Hudson’s gotten engaged (to Muse’s Matt Bellamy, father of her child) and Mad Men’s January Jones is expecting her first child (name of Poppa, TBD). Congrats to both ladies.

Just a few movies in theaters this weekend, but they are nicely spread across several age groups so little kids and teens and young adults and blind dates will all have something to check out. First up, Disney’s back with what looks to be catnip for the High School Musical/Glee set with Prom. I predict the soundtrack alone will be one of summer’s Must Haves. This movie stars heretofore unknown actors and was directed by someone I’ve never heard of, but this may not be the case for long. It’s all about high school’s annual rite and even the most verbose movie blurbists have little more to say than: A group of teenagers get ready for their high school prom. Because quite frankly, is there anything more to say?  You can already imagine the attendant drama/fear/excitement/suspense as played out by several poster-ready fresh Disney faces. This will be a popular film, and it’ll stay that way for awhile methinks.

Now, for those who prefer a more flagrant breaking of laws (and the bad boys who do it so well) we have Fast Five – which is the latest in The Fast and The Furious canon. You know, with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and a few other popular chiseled, colorless actors. Allegedly this one involves “ruthless drug lords” and “relentless federal agents” – beyond that I’m not sure that there’s much besides many, many car races and chases. This will bring the 14-year olds running (heck, it’s really for the 14-year old in all of us) and I expect it’ll be a big hit. Plus, since this is actually the fifth in the series, they must be doing something right.

For kids too young to catch Prom we have Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil 3D.  As you might guess it’s a sequel, and our heroine (who goes by Red…get it?) comes to the aid of her buddy Nicky Flippers who happens to be Head of the “Happily Ever After Agency”.  It’s one of those spoofy fun rides which parents may also enjoy because there’s enough nudge-nudge wink -wink stuff to keep even the most jaded entertained. Plus who can resist a 3-D movie suitable for all ages?

Then the marvelous actor Mark Ruffalo has a new movie in theaters that he’s actually directed – this one’s called Sympathy for Delicious. It’s a quirky little indie film that won a big prize at Sundance and is now making the rounds in limited release. Sympathy for Delicious is all about a handicapped DJ who inadvertently becomes a healing force in his community – until of course he has to deal with the consequences of that power.  It looks pretty interesting.

There you have it.  That’s on top of the media extravaganza headed our way this weekend on account of a certain high-profile English Wedding.  If you do make it out from behind your TV, let us know what you see and what you thought.  And have a great weekend.

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