Royal Wedding Post-Mortem: Your Thoughts??

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So much for my royal wedding doubt & wistfulness last week…pining away for a simpler time. Here I was thinking this one wouldn’t be fun to watch on account of the fact we’d been over-served it to begin with. Turns out? That the W & K (or “C”, as she wants to be known now) NuptFest was just superb. Gorgeous, elegant, and perhaps not worth the sixteen hours that I DVR’d  — but great entertainment for a few hours, if you ask me. And maybe I did complain about all the media and how it was too toosaturated …but possibly that was all just the better to see it with, right? Even though we live in a jaded, embittered, suspicious, and anti-consumerist time, I have to say nobody, but nobody, does pomp & fanfare like the old U to the K.

What did you think of the wedding? Were you pleasantly surprised? (Or were you bored to tears?) And what was your favorite part? (That’s actually feeling like quite a pollworthy topic for today anyway.) Evidently, I couldn’t have been more wrong about the high-tech aspects of the thing, because they honestly needed those state-of-the-art cameras to beam the true scarlet of Will’s coat our way, right? (FYI: The technical color is “Guards’ Red” and he was actually wearing the official tunic of the Irish Guard – where he is a colonel – to honor the First Battalion currently deployed in Afghanistan. Nice touch.) Another hole in my theory about too many cameras equaling too much coverage – it was really the only way we could juxtapose the entrances of David Beckham and Elton John over and over, while also showing Kate’s dress. Or allow millions of viewers to behold for the first time and gawk at her kid sister Pippa. And can we talk about Kate’s stunning dress?

Now, because you might be curious, let’s get to some numbers. The whole royal shebang cost 20 million British Pounds. So there’s that. The Middleton clan booked the entire Goring Hotel in London for two days and their bill came to 85,000 British Pounds (85,000 British pounds comes out to  $141,873 in US dollars.)  Kate’s dress reportedly cost $66,764  and her sister’s was a shade less pricey: they got that one for $33,382  in American greenbacks.

That said, they continued to stress the fact that the couple (and Buckingham Palace) were aware of the times and of the economic climate, so even though they wanted a spectacular fete, it would be handled in as tasteful and as non-showy a way as possible. Dunno if they pulled that off, but it sure looked like a lot of fun. I can also remember all the photos of Diana and Charles at their wedding (largely because many of them could be found in the fifty-two royalty coffee table books in our home,) thinking that they made such an attractive couple. Not knowing of course that their relationship was also apparently strained and remote and actually not one of much love. Of course that sad state of affairs, and its contrast with this couple, comes into more stark focus now. Looking at William and Catherine, it would appear that they are quite close. And there’s also no doubt the two of them are more than comfortable around each other. I suspect we will see lots of smooth sailing in the marital department from these two (plus, they’re about to move to a remote part of Wales. How much trouble can one get into in Wales? That’s not exactly boozy nightclub paparazzi-filled terrain. ) They’ve also been living together for years, so familiarity alone should make for a better situation than what transpired between his parents.

All in all, I was very surprised at just what a beautiful celebration the royal wedding was, and what good TV-going it made. Please let us know what you thought!

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