New Music: JLo, Stevie, Beasties & More

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So summer’s not even officially here but its movies are about to be; on Friday we see the release of Marvel’s Thor and away we go into the wild blue land of movies targeted at Kids-With-Lots-Of-Time-On-Their-Hands. Let’s not talk movies just yet though, because today is after all, Tuesday. In the olden days, somewhere between the time when a loaf of bread cost a nickel and Twitter appeared, there dwelt unique and beloved structures called Record Stores. Here, kids (waiting to get into the summer movies, waiting for a ride, or just waiting, period) would hang out and browse and shop. Record shops were amazing time-killers. You could even meet people in record stores and form frendships. That your parents never even knew about. Records were timeless. Save for the fact that they were also extremely fragile and bulky. But they were – and remain – cool. You may recall flipping through racks and racks of albums, until of course, the CD appeared. Encased in those massive (and deliberately cumbersone) plastic skeletons to protect against theft. Evidently, record stores were also worried about brand new owners stealing already purchased CD’s from themselves too. Because even when they unlocked the Def Con-security nightbrace surrounding the package in the store, it was still murder getting the regular packaging apart even after you got your prized CD home. Then downloads and ITunes came along and changed everything. But traditionally, Tuesdays were always when new music appeared. People lined up around the block in eager anticipation of this Madonna record or that Pearl Jam new release or whatever happened to be popular. Now, one click lets us know what’s afoot. So here goes. Today we have a number of new albums being released worth investigating. First up? Actress, singer, American Idol judge, and all around fierce personality Jennifer Lopez is back withLOVE? (The question mark is hers, not mine.)  This latest – JLo’s seventh, also has help from Gaga, Lil Wayne, The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, Pitbull, and RedOne. Plus, even if there were only seven people left on earth who weren’t familiar with her, Idol’s gone and taken care of that so this’ll probably be very popular – regardless of the critics. Also in stores you might want to check out the latest from The Beastie Boys called Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Once upon a time this trio of New Yorkers managed to deliver something that was groundbreaking and old school all at once (even though ‘old school’ hadn’t really been born yet). Twenty-five years and eight albums later they’re back, and collaborating with both Nas and Santigold.

You know who else is back with a new music? The original diaphanous gown-wearing gypsy diva cool witch Stevie Nicks.  Originally one half of Fleetwood Mac’s lady vocalists (and a major catalyst behind the band’s tumultuous romantic life) she’s been around a lot longer than the Beasties. Her album In Your Dreams is also getting really tremendous word of mouth. For the alternative music set, there’s Fleet Foxes’ latest Helplessness Blues, which is part of the neo-folk movement currently taking this country by storm (see Mumford and Sons, etc.). If those releases aren’t enough to whet your whistle, there’s new music from Colbie Caillat, plus the latest from R&B man Musiq Soulchild. Then of course next week we get Mr. Schuester himself – Matthew Morrison’s solo release (check our own behind-the-scenes footage here). For those of you who love Glee,this is a no-brainer. In fact, (because I’ve heard this guy on Broadway, too) for anyone who just plain likes good voices, this is kind of a no-brainer too.

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