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Well, we know most of you are going to buy JLo’s new album judging from yesterday’s poll, but what I really want to know is how many of you made Fast Five the biggest April movie opening  — $83 million bucks and counting? Who saw it? And who must have seen it twice? And why? I’m not at all surprised it did well  (especially since I sunk a fair amount of income into more than one viewing of Twilight) but what I’m curious about is the film’s primary appeal.  What’s the single thing that actually makes people say “Well, it’s between Jane Eyre and Fast Five. But I think we should go catch Fast Five because _____________.” Is it the a) revving engines b) revving engines transporting Paul Walker, c) Vin Diesel & The Rock’s Rutting Elk schtick, or d) grave standoffs juxtaposed with blistering departures? Or perhaps it’s a combination. Needless to say, those Furious people are sure doing something right.

Last night was the second episode of NBC’s latest The Voice. What did you think? Again, great conceit and the judges are turning out to be pretty swell. It was not as good as the opener I thought, but that’s just because I began to get nervous when they’d seen all the contestants and those who hadn’t gotten picked originally were offered another chance. Heartbreakingly, lump in your throat cool when the scrappiest of them did get picked, but I gotta say it makes me uncomfortable when singers steel their courage, go for it one more time —  and still go coachless. It’s just all too Capture-The-Flag/ Steal-The-Bacon for me and I really did move to NYC and LA after school to forget all those not-getting-picked moments of youth. Here’s hoping the ones not picked at least get an attractive luggage set, some floor wax or a Central Air System, pronto.

As for Dancing With The Stars…just a few stars left. Were you surprised when they let that wrestler go? I was surprised they were permitted to keep Kendra as long as they did, but figure the shows’ Top Brass must owe Hugh Hefner money or something. Now its Hines, Ralph, Chelsea, Romeo, and Kirstie. Any favorites? I’m going to go with either Ralph or Hines FTW. And while I’m trying very, very hard to stay current with all the reality shows (okay, maybe two or three of them but they’re HUGE) I must say they have an adverse effect on one’s blood pressure. Which may of course be part of the addiction – the sweeping highs and the agonizing lows. But doesn’t it make you want to tune into something with a slow build that’s got actors with lines in it? Sometimes I think the single best advertisement for prime time dramas is prime time reality programming.

Although I do love me some awards shows. Always have. Of all stripes. One of them – The MTV Movie Awards – has been around for twenty years. As have, I guess, some of its most devoted fans. This year’s version will be broadcast live on Sunday, June 5th. For today’s poll, let’s take a peak at those movies who swept the nods.

Today’s poll:

The MTV Movie Awards are June 5th. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of the most-nominated films is your favorite:

1)   Eclipse

2)   Inception

3)   Social Network

4)   Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows)

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