Five Fox Shows Cancelled; Who Watched The Voice?

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This won’t be “officially” announced til next week when Fox makes their presentation, but if you’re a fan of Human Target, Chicago Code, Breaking In, Traffic Light and Lie To Me…you’ll probably need to find another show to love. The network’s decided not to renew the shows for another season. (In the unconfirmed rumor dept: Harry’s Law will get a network order for more episodes, while Law & Order: LA isn’t long for this world. These are totally unconfirmed so don’t take our word for it, but it’s safe to say the five Fox pink slips are legit.)

Now back to last night’s TV. Specifically, The Voice. If you didn’t watch, stop reading because there are spoilers afoot. BUT, if you did watch, you know that it was definitely the show’s icky part. By that I mean that they make you feel warm and fuzzy about the (super cool) “coaches” selecting singers and then – POW! – they’re pitted against one another in a brutal vocal battle that was fun to watch but clearly not fun to lose. The sooner we get through these internal conflicts the happier I’ll be, because then each coach will just have four performers to support and nurture.

First we had Frenchie and Tarralyn …both good, but Frenchie won out. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d say that Frenchie prevailed because she is already well-known (and even a little controversial) which of course means she can draw more viewers to the show. This is precisely what a freshman show like The Voice needs and Christina knows this as well as anyone. It was a tough call though, and I bet Frenchie’s popularity won out. Then, on Adam’s watch we had Casey who triumphed over Tim doing that Leather & Lace song Stevie Nicks and Don Henley put on the map about seventy-five years ago. Is it just me or did we see that one coming? For starters, when that song first came out, who did you associate most closely with it? Stevie Nicks, of course. That’s the good, showy part. I’m not saying it was already weighted, but that duet was Casey’s to lose. Which fortunately she didn’t. With the exception of Tim calling himself King of Almost, everything else he said and did looked too arrogant for my taste. So Casey kinda deserved it in addition to having those faboo neonatal pipes.

Then of course there was the Battle Round that’s already generating controversy: did Blake Shelton choose right by selecting Patrick over Tyler?  From a business standpoint with little or no risk involved, probably yes. Blake could conceivably take this Patrick guy, mold him in his own image, and sell a bunch of records. The kid is seemingly already good to go. Tyler, on the other hand, would be a trickier sell (I’d find him a good tailor first and let those sleeves out a bit) but I also thought he had the better and far more interesting voice. Maybe Blake feels he’s outnumbered by the other judges on the cool, arty spectrum so he’s being deliberately contentious. That’s a big maybe. Then we had Cee Lo with Niki and Vicci  (who names these people??) and these gals definitely brought the house down. I wouldn’t have wanted to judge them at all and when Cee Lo whispered to the (unsuccessful) Niki that she could contact him I sure hope he meant it because that kind of gesture makes a round like this easier to stomach.

What did you think? We’ll make this today’s poll and of course, you all can voice away on whether last night’s Voice results satisfied you. Was it fair? Was it surprising? Was it a good way to compare singers? The show’s still got me hooked and the coaches continue to appeal. We’ll stay tuned.

Today’s poll:

Battle Rounds on The Voice aired last night. Which of the first four “Choices” was your favorite:

1)   Casey

2)   Frenchie

3)   Patrick

4)   Vicci

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