TV Shows and Royals: When It’s Time To Buzz Off

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Isn’t it time we left the Future King of England alone? I get the whole wedding thing. I tuned in. More than once. I watched the recaps. I DVR’d it for posterity. I partook in countless discussions. I bought the cheesy Collectors’ Edition magazines at the grocery store. Well, not all of them. I have some standards. And, having worked for years in magazine publishing where I actually wrote promotions for the very same magazines that put out “Collectors Editions” in the first place, you’d think I’d be immune to their charms. That I might be wise to the folly that accompanies the purchase of several photographs the world’s already seen a thousand times – only here they’re all handsomely bound in one keepsake edition that I’ll have for years to come. But I’m not. Although like I said, I do draw the line. I don’t buy the Collectors’ Editions when someone famous dies, or when someone else decides to name the 100 Best Somethings of this or that Decade. But with a royal wedding? You bet I do. That said, I think that now we need to leave the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge alone on their post-nuptial sojourn. For two reasons. One, it’s a honeymoon. Even if you were invited to the wedding, would you accompany them to a tropical sanctuary where they might bask in the sun and catch a few blessed moments of shuteye? Of course not. So reason one is that giving them a little privacy is kind of the right thing to do. They’re not Kardashians. They didn’t ask to be photographed deciding between mangoes and bananas for breakfast. They don’t have a reality show. (Sarah Ferguson is quite another story).

The second reason we need to leave Will and Kate alone on their honeymoon? (And by “we” I mean the mainstream media.) Because the story is all about how expensive it is and that’s just not a story. Why? For one thing, they’re spending about $1 million bucks to go someplace (a goodly portion of which is security to keep said nosy peeping media out of the hedgerows) but that’s not really extraordinary, is it? A second-rate boy band probably blows that much on spring break in Ft. Lauderdale with MTV – so why is this expenditure shocking?? Kate’s $66,000 dress was a big headline. Her $25,000 earrings? Holy cow and hope-they’re-pierced. But a million dollars to go somewhere for ten days when you’ve got a fifth century monarchical birthright that says you could invade Spain if you really, really wanted to? That’s chump change. That says the press can do better. Like figuring out whatever it is Hugh Grant will be doing over the next year, since he won’t be taking Charlie Sheen’s job.

So now, let’s get back to things I think the media should cover, like TV shows. Looks like people are a tad hot under the collar about Fox cancelling those shows (Lie To Me, Human Target, Chicago Code, etc.) only here’s the thing – there’s likely more bad news ahead because next week is when we get down to the nitty gritty of TV. Starting Monday, all the big networks meet up and tell us what’s coming, what’s still alive, and what’s getting cancelled. Actually it’s not really “us” they’re interested in (as many of you correctly pointed out in your PCA comments) – it’s the advertisers. There are also several shows that could go either way – and so we’ll address a few of them in our poll.

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