Movies: Hilarious Bridesmaids, Religious Horror & Will Ferrell Goes Indie (Again)

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So what IS Ashton Kutcher going to do with Charlie Sheen’s job? Well, Two and a Half  Men’s officially earned at least one more viewer, for his first two episodes at least.  Sheer curiosity will drive me to tune in which is certainly something I never did when Sheen was aboard. What do you think? Will you watch it now? Are you pleased with The Ashton Addition?

Oh, and is there anything that doesn’t look good about Bridesmaids? The new movie opening tonight stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne and plenty of other very funny broads. In Hollywood they say there’s lots riding on this picture too, because if it does well (and I actually believe it will) this will open some sort of box office floodgates for other movies starring mostly women. Plus, if the cast isn’t enough to lure you in, perhaps the part about Judd Apatow producing it might.

If funny ladies aren’t your thing this weekend maybe you’ll want to go catch Paul Bettany in Priest which is all about – you guessed it – vampires. And no stranger to vampires himself, Cam Gigandet also stars, alongside Maggie Q. Priest was directed by the guy who made Legion. Or more appropriately, the guy who made Legion an extremely popular film, which is what this one will probably become too. If the stunning violent supernatural creepy ultra-effects-laden movie genre is your bag, this is the one to watch. And as far as the Thor/Fast Five set is concerned, the one to beat. Note to Bonus Seekers: it’s in 3D too!

For the indie crowd we have a little film called Hesher. Looks like your basic story about an anti-social longhaired drifter who takes up in somebody’s garage and smokes a lot of cigarettes until such time as he’s needed to effect gritty catalytic change for the family that owns the garage. Only this one stars both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman which, um, changes things. A lot. Word of mouth here is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is just adding to his personal roster of astonishing performances. Hesher is not, however, for the faint of heart.

For the slightly less arty crowd – but not quite the Talladega Nights crowd either, we have Will Ferrell’s latest film, which is called Everything Must Go. It’s one of those smaller comedies that’ll generate good buzz quietly and then do gangbusters as a rental. Here, Ferrell’s a down-on-his luck everyman who loses his job and opts to sell all of his possessions. This one also stars Laura Dern and British actress Rebecca Hall – who was maybe the only good thing about Vicky Cristina Barcelona, if you ask me.

That’s our look at some of what’s opening in theaters today. I’ll go see Bridesmaids a.s.a.p. How about you? As always, let us know what you see, and what you think.

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