How Young Is Too Young For Paparazzi? & Summer Concerts

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Wow…how about how they finish up Idol just in time to send all those fresh-faced wannabes (and bes) on a fabulous summer concert tour? Kinda genius. Before we talk about summer concerts however, let’s discuss something that seems benign but, given the coverage (and pretty much because of it) is now anything but: Famous Teens on Holiday.

Do you have those parents (or perhaps know some) who wonder where on earth our civilization has gone? Who ask why it is that our culture – specifically recreation and entertainment – has become so alien and so filled with bad language, bad morals, violence, fame-craving, little-guy-squashing, reality-show-embracing bad behavior?  Having grown up hearing that things aren’t like they used to be and why can’t young people look presentable these days, I think we have to take the good with the bad; the fact is we’ve made tremendous progress in countless ways. Now, I have a mother who likes to send me clippings from newspapers and magazines featuring stars exhibiting behavior ranging anywhere from questionable to reprehensible. Nine times out of ten I brush them off and tell her she’s just got to accept that it’s a different era. Once in a while however, she sends me a photo from a magazine that even I wonder about – although I’d never admit it to her. I am pretty sure that when she sees the pictures of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez vacationing in Maui plastering the tabloid racks in her local grocery store, something will appear in the mail. And I will say, “Don’t be silly. So what? So they’re going on vacation together to a luxurious resort and they’re 17 and 18. They’re kids but they have huge careers who need a break. There’s nothing wrong with that!”  

And the truth is, there isn’t. Is there?

Hard to pinpoint why these images suggest something inappropriate. Bottom line, there’s nothing wrong with it.They both work egregiously hard. They’re very successful on account of being whoppingly talented (having seen Selena Gomez on several occasions close up I can attest to this young lady’s incredible poise & singing prowess). So why then does something feel wrong about this? Is it simply that photos exist?  I’m thinking  a lot has to do with the fact that they’re “paparazzi” shots. These are not Facebook photos taken by Bieber’s mum. These were obviously taken from quite far away, and I’ll bet some little guy in a Hawaiian shirt trying to juggle way too much equipment before someone shooed him out of the bushes is now relaxing with lots of greenbacks in a dark air-conditioned room. Nursing an awful sunburn. That must be it…the fact that it’s so “public”. What do you think? Is this somehow emblematic of our era? Or is there something vaguely unsettling about kids jetting off – and the paps catching it?  Maybe it’s just me.

Speaking of vacations, let’s head to summer concerts because there are several tours you might want to catch. Just like the Idol folks have done with their own marketing colossus, you can also go see the Glee cast perform live – and word is there are just 22 shows through the middle of June. Now, like Glee we have another nod to the joys of youth – only for a slightly older crowd, with summer’s ultimate mashup: NKOTBSB. They kick off their multicity run today and it’ll go through the 7th of August. R&B-wise, Bruno Mars is taking the stage with Janelle Monae, which should be a great show; meanwhile Taylor Swift will be touring through November, so there’s ample time to catch her. Speaking of chanteuses, you can see Sade in concert, and you can also catch plenty of Katy Perry too. Additionally, the aforementioned Selena Gomez will be touring with her band The Scene through September as well. For a slightly more seasoned crowd we have Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock , and for those preferring a harder edge Rob Zombie & Slayer,  Soundgarden, and Def Leppard are all taking it on the road.

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