Ed, Bradley, or Zach – Who’s Your Wolf Pack Favorite?

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Who watched The Voice? Still cool. Still diverse (although there could be some serious homogenization pretty soon). I’m hooked, and even though it’s gotten kinda dicey with the whole mano a mano pitting of teammates (and frequently  wo-mano a wo-mano), it’s still gripping TV. This week was easier to call, because in the earlier rounds the coaches were more wiling to offer a contrasting opinion to the coach who ultimately had to choose. Now, they seem much more in line (or else they’re capitulating). The show also feels more easygoing (and it’s absolutely funnier) than most of the others out there, and there’s something charming about the coaches. Because even though they’re all famous in their own right, it doesn’t really look like they’ve taken on that slippery sheen of a real reality-TV judge. There’s an awkwardness about them that’s endearing – and you can see them trying to sound upbeat and find the good- whereas a more seasoned judge has no trouble at all slathering it on thick.

That said, according the reports, American Idol received: “more than 122 million votes after Tuesday night’s performances, and nearly three-quarters of a billion (votes) for the season.” That’s how many people decided to weigh in and crown that boy-child top dog. Great voice, no doubt about it, and cute as a bug’s ear, but is he really the very best we have after a massive and exhaustive search? Oh sure, I’m all for the You Can Be Anything If You Just Believe, but shouldn’t the You at least be out of high school? Most staggering to me here are the sheer numbers, as in the amount of people who care enough to vote (not a bad thing, mind you, I’m all for mobilizing people). As Ryan Seacrest put it: “That’s two votes for every man, woman and child living in America”. It just makes you wonder – because if that many people put their minds to something, couldn’t they also do something else that’s super-positive and even game-changing like eradicate hunger if they all decided to call? Every time I note an extreme number of bodies doing something proactive (even if it’s picking up a phone while reclining on a couch) as networks run myriad commercials about how many other people are going without something or being ravaged daily by x or y disease, it seems crazy that we can’t alter that math around and effect a little change with all those Team Scotty texts. Also, does that mean that more people voted for Scotty (or Lee, or Kris, or David, etc) than voted for Barack or George or George or Bill?  Perhaps this merely demonstrates that our TVs are working nicely, and that the American Broadcasting Industry isn’t going under any time soon. Plus with Fox’s new X Factor, we’ll have even more reason to tune in. By the way, the news is that X Factor’s experienced its first casualty – Cheryl Cole – the British judge, has left the show. Many are saying that her accent is too tricky to understand but I wonder how credible a reason that is (wouldn’t they have thought about that beforehand? And look at Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman – those guys don’t seem to have any trouble getting things across. Just saying.) Anyway it’s good news for Pussycat Doll and People’s Choice Fave Nicole Scherzinger who will fill the gap left by Miss Cole. That show should be interesting – although I hope it’s more like The Voiceand less like Idol. What do you think?  Will you tune in? Now, for our poll let’s turn to movies, because Memorial Day is soon upon us and with it the inevitable monolithic summer films (more on them tomorrow).

Today’s poll:

The Hangover Part II opens tomorrow. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which member of The Wolf Pack is your favorite:

1)   Ed Helms

2)   Bradley Cooper

3)  Zach Galifianakis

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