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For the record, I am not currently a member MTV’s target audience. When MTV bowed and first aired mindblowing little confections called “music videos” I was gobsmacked. I’m told however that they don’t even broadcast a lot of music videos anymore. At least not on that Jurassic gizmo we call the TV. Which is too bad, if it’s true. I still think that music videos are pure genius, because you take the perfect attention span length of sound (never more than 3 ¼ minutes nowadays- who’s ever been able to focus longer than that?), and you couple it with a story featuring attractive people. And discussable graphics. How perfect is that? So where are all the videos now? I realize you can download and upload them, they come bonus packaged with other things, and Rihanna hopes her latest will raise eyebrows. But honestly, why can’t we just have them playing all the time with vee-jays and nothing else? Maybe with the occasional Behind The Music or Rockumentary. Where’s the harm in that? Is it wrong that I want my Old MTV?

That said, the sly scamps over there have managed to hook me this weekend. With the Movie Awards. One Twilight preview and I’m sold. Maybe it’s not even a preview. Maybe it’s just the most hotly-anticipated 26-second sneak peak on earth. But I’m there. You may not care for 16 and Pregnant or Snooki  or Skins but somehow they manage to get us with one shots involving awards and talent. Plus, they’re smart enough to utilize everyone who’s ever been even tangentially connected with Judd Apatow, plus anyone who’s had to sport fangs for a paycheck on the big or little screen. And Jason Bateman. So for four hours a year I will tune into MTV (the Music Awards are cool too). Will you watch?

Speaking of watching, I saw a fun little movie yesterday. Full disclosure: my friend directed it and invited me and quite frankly, it would never have been something I’d select of my own volition. Plus, it was a sequel, and I rarely watch them unless they’re set in small, rainy Pacific Northwestern towns. Nor had I seen the original Blue Crush. However Blue Crush 2 is completely and utterly delightful. Talk about a confection. It’s not an atom-splitter plotwise: 18 year old well-to-do girl from LA takes an odyssey to South Africa to surf, specifically to surf the same waves her late mother surfed. There she encounters a new best friend and a couple of surfer dudes whom she may or may not want to date. Add to that a very illustrious surfing competition that just happens to take place a few days after her arrival. None of this matters however, because BC2 features easily some of the most amazing action footage I have ever seen. Tons of it, actually. The whole thing is an adrenaline-charged coming of age tale and it’ll completely sweep you along. Blue Crush 2 is out on video this week and if you’re looking for something super-family-friendly– that also happens to be completely exhilarating – rent this. Great soundtrack too. That’s my two-cents.

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