MTV Movie Awards: What Did You Think?

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What did you think about last night’s MTV Movie Awards? I’m told there were quite a few “f-bombs” uttered, only I have no idea because when you’re seated right in the audience – somewhere between RPattz, Andrew Garfield, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Reese Witherspoon, and the rest of the shrieking throngs, you can’t tell which bad words get cut by the TV censors and which ones wind up in everyone’s living rooms. It was a super fun and crazy night at the Universal Amphitheater, made doubly so for me on account of the fact that I got to accompany PCA President Fred Nelson to said MTV Movie Awards festivities and then some. (Sometimes, you just get really, really lucky.)

Gotta say too that it was arguably their best Movie Awards Show in several years. Which may be due in large part to a few key factors. 1) Jason Sudeikis. This year’s host was a very smart choice on MTV’s part because he’s funny without being whiny, goofy without being too juvenile, and most of all, he was there without always being present. The guy came and went but was nothing like the ubiquitous, schticky hosts who make everyone weary after about an hour. Evidently, he can also play the piano — which invariably ups the charm factor. Nor did it hurt that he’d raided theMad Men wardrobe department before the show and had the good suits to prove it. 2) The Twilight Cast. Say what you will, but somewhere between Taylor Lautner’s beefy/robotic Boy Scout ways, Kristen Stewart’s stunning-but-please-don’t make-her-talk-off-the-cuff awkwardness, and Rob Pattinson’s who-cares-if-there’s-even-a-script star power, there’s a magnetic force field that just ropes you right in. It’s completely inexplicable, but it’s there, and MTV knows it.  3) Reese Witherspoon who, in cautioning young Tinseltown starlets on the rise managed to deliver the evening’s (and possibly the decade’s) best line: “It’s also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show”.

The awards also boasted a) plenty of raunchy moments as well as b) those uber-coveted sneak previews (Harry Potter, Breaking Dawn and Super 8) both of which are now de rigueur for MTV’s big movie night and target audience. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis successfully set the tone for dubious physicality early on, while the show managed to get plenty of action out of Black Swan’s girl-on-girl moment. Gary Busey’s hamster bubble finale remained one of the evening’s biggest headscratchers – expect to see this and plenty of Jim Carrey’s green suit replayed over the next few days. The set, meanwhile, was actually top notch – lush greenery and topiary animals replaced the standard mirrored-step platforms that usually present such hazardous terrain for the high heels. The whole evening was a lot of fun – and pretty in line with what you might expect from MTV. The fact that there are now myriad headlines devoted exclusively to the evening’s language – specifically which words were bleeped and which weren’t – seems vaguely silly to me considering a) the network, b) the show’s history and c) the personnel involved. In fact, the notable absence of snatched microphones, impromptu proclamations, and seminude airborne bodies made the whole thing feel em, downright tasteful.

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