The Voice: Did You Take The Bait?

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Well, I’ve managed to fall for the oldest trick in the book in television. Has it happened to you? All you can do is try to point fingers and assign blame…but in the end, all anyone can do is wait.  Who do they think they are??

See, there’s been a sea-change of sorts on The Voice. Whole thing’s upside down for me now. Did you happen to catch the show last night? It’s become something of an addiction despite the cold, hard fact that everyone I’ve ever met says they hate singing competition shows. Fair enough. Although that doesn’t explain why an awful lot of my disparaging friends know precisely who I mean when I mention  “Frenchie” or “Team Blake” or “Xenia”. What that’s about? Problem is, The Voice is too new to be a guilty pleasure;  moreover, even though there are super-cheesy components, all the hipsters liked Cee Lo and Adam long before The Voice began, so they don’t have a leg to stand on now. Sure they condemn — but they watch. Although it’s really the coaches who are the stars here, and this manages to showcase each of them beautifully. We like them. We trust them. They’re funny. They have yet to be annoying.

But like I said, there’s now been a sea-change. And I’m now irritated. Since when does America need seven days to text anything???

Right out of the gate they started up and blew everyone away with an ingenious conceit – pick singers sight unseen. Then it got a little uncomfortable when singers had to turn into gladiators dueling under their coaches’ watchful (if axe-welding) eyes. But now that’s over and it’s back to good old us and them. But an entire week? Here’s the problem: While I do trust America, and think that the people know what the people like (pretty sure the gang I work for’s been doing that for thirty-some odd years) I think it’s too bad that we all have to sit around for a mini-eternity while America makes up its mind. Next week they tell us who stays and who goes. I realize that’s what smart TV’s all about (and they’re doing an awesome job with this newbie thusfar) but in the interest of instant gratification, why on earth couldn’t they have thrown the viewers a little bone last night? Plus – who’s to say what American voters will even remember if they decide to vote on Friday or Saturday? We’re a hazy, preoccupied, forgetful people. We cannot be trusted to remember who was worth it. (You know that’s why that country dude wore a hat – so you’d remember him). Consider this: Why couldn’t each judge have saved ONE of his/her singers last night instead of putting it all off?  Would that have been so wrong? It would have been perfect – then everyone could have gone to bed knowing that at least there was someone good enough to merit Blake and Christina’s divine intervention. Instead, I’ve already had to go and cancel my dinner next Tuesday night.  Not because I don’t have DVR…but because I took the bait and will need to know, ASAP. Ridiculous.

Let’s see what you all think right now. Today we’ll talk about Christina’s team and tomorrow all of you can weigh in on Blake’s gang.

Today’s poll:

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which singer on Christina’s team is your favorite (tomorrow we’ll do Blake’s team):

1)   Raquel Castro

2)   Frenchie Davis

3)   Lily  Elyse

4) Beverly  McClellan

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