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Tomorrow being Friday and all, we’ll be discussing movies because that’s the day when one’s local cineplex heats up and all sorts of films duke it out for box office dominance. Now, it being summer and all, we know that means one thing: shoot ‘em up tales peopled with pirates, intergalactic warriors, Cold War mutants, dangerously fast cars, and idiots looking for a good time in Southeast Asia. Fun, to be sure – everyone loves a good warm weather blockbuster. But let’s say this weekend you felt like kicking back and trying something else. Something equally entertaining, but just a little bit different. That included you… and perhaps your siblings… and maybe even your kids. Around a television. Together.

You know those “Family Movie Night” specials they run every so often on NBC?  If you do, and you like them, your family’s in luck. If you enjoyed the last one, “Truth Be Told” (and truth be told, I did, largely because it starred David James Elliott and it was genuinely funny) you’re in for another treat this weekend. This latest one is called Field of Vision, and it combines sports, family, someone’s hidden past, and what looks like more than a little intrigue and suspense. And it’s also got Faith Ford, which is never a bad thing.

Field of Vision is all about Tyler – a young football player who’s got the world by the tail – until he discovers an old video camera that’s captured some not-so-hot stuff. Like Tyler’s teammates bullying a troubled new kid in school. Meanwhile, that same video camera also has some mysterious footage that may reveal a few of that bullied new kid’s own secrets. That’s the setup, and we can only guess where it leads.

This is the latest from the people behind Family Movie Night, and I have to say I think it’s kind of a cool thing they’re doing; the whole idea is to get the entire family watching something that’s interesting/compelling/thought-provoking and/or funny without being sophomoric, silly or completely implausible. And thus far, they’ve succeeded with the last few films (for more info, check out familymovienight.com.) My attitude is, kids love movies – we all do, right? –  and everyone’s so super busy nowadays that if there’s an opportunity to catch a flick with your kin, isn’t that what it’s all about? So if you’re around on Saturday night give Field of Vision a whirl and let us know what you think.

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