Movies: What’ll You Watch This Weekend?

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Today let’s talk about movies.

Rather than describe X-Men – the current blockbuster in theaters now (showing no signs of slowing down) I thought it best to show you the letter that the X-Men casting director sent to one of its stars, Michael Fassbender, shortly before they started filming.

Dear Michael,

Congratulations! We are thrilled that you’ll be playing the part of Magneto in X-Men: First Class. As you know, the movie will be set in the 1960’s and as such, you are going to be one handsome & eye-catching fellow. The first hour will be sheer exposition, and you will be armed & dangerous in every scene so that will give you something upon which to focus. All you need do is display the rage you felt as a child. We’ll make sure to put you in turtlenecks and polo shirts that reflect the period while also showing off your stunning physique. It’s no accident that we’ve cast you on account of your athletic prowess and acting chops. Plus, we are well aware that your star is on the rise in Hollywood. That said, there were some concerns about your accent in the film, since we know your dad is German but you were raised in Ireland and you speak with an Irish accent. We’ve told your costar James McAvoy – who is Scottish – to use an English accent, which will be quite easy for him. He’s an extremely low-key actor who’s unnaturally concerned with things like “technique” and a  “nuanced performance” – silly details with which you shouldn’t bother yourself. Your fellow actors Jennifer Lawrence and Kevin Bacon are American, so they have been instructed to proceed with their everyday speaking accents. Similarly, I have personally reassured your co-star January Jones that her native dialect (she was born and raised in Monotonia) will be more than suitable for the role. But you Mike, have absolutely nothing to worry about whatsoever here. In fact, you should feel free to go around the world in 80 accents throughout this movie  – largely because nobody will be listening to you talk. And regardless of what accent you happen to employ in any particular scene, it matters not — your focus should be upon the physical activities. In fact, should you become alarmed in a scene, simply grit your teeth and purse your lips and all will be well. Your steely eyes will do all the necessary talking. You really are the backbone of this movie Michael, and we are extremely confident that your charisma, coupled with incredible effects alongside James McAvoy’s & Kevin Bacon’s acting talents will bring us boffo box office results. Thanks again for agreeing to be a part of it all.

(Okay maybe that’s what I thought the letter might say. And Fassbender is glorious to watch; it’s just tough when he sports a different accent in every scene. )

So what else is in theaters? Well, there’s something opening today that looks amazing called Super 8 and it was made by J.J.Abrams (who made Lost and Star Trek, so he’s no stranger to success). This one’s Abrams’ homage to Spielberg movies like ET and Close Encounters, and it’s about a group of kids in the 1970s making a movie who inadvertently film a huge train crash. According to the trailer however, there was/is something very dangerous on that train that the US military doesn’t want anyone to know about. The movie looks great. Also opening for the younger set, we have Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, which looks quite diverting indeed. Plus don’t forget Field Of Vision on NBC tomorrow – that’s part of the Family Movie Night series and this should prove a good evening for all. As always, let us know what you see, what you thought, and have a great weekend.

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