The Voice: Did Blake Shelton Shock You Last Night?

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Today we’re back to the only reality show I’ve ever thought was truly worth its salt. Last week I was bent out of shape because The Voice was biding its time wasting all of ours in an irritating way. We’re a wordy, opinionated & impulsive people. Since when do we need seven days to make up our minds about anything? Only now I’m bent out of shape because just when you think you have the thing figured out, it astonishes you. Well not entirely, but Blake Shelton’s “save” did.  Did you tune in last night? If you didn’t, don’t read on because there are spoilers afoot.

First up, I still think the whole thing is Javier Colon’s to lose. An early prediction to be sure, but I’m guessing that in the end America will opt not for a rocker, not for a country crooner (particularly since there wont be any left by that time) and not for a lady belter (they’ll keep Frenchie around as long as they can because she’s talented and has great name recognition)  – in the end the winner will be solidly middle-of-the-road. With superb pipes, first-rate teeth, and a not-too -risky repertoire. Hence, Javier Colon. But what do I know? I thought Blake would go with his little mini-me Patrick. Plus, I think we have to give props to Big B for not taking that route and for pulling everyone’s heartstrings (including mine) by suggesting that he could do more good for tiny, young, mousy-for-now Xenia. I’m guessing that little stomper Vicci Martinez will hang around awhile too, since she’s apparently devoid of fear and has, like Javier, a great common-denominator voice. Plus she gets major points for singing a kickass tune that, while known for its country pedigree, isn’t really a country song.

But major kudos to the show for keeping things reasonably on track before anyone has to listen to a whole slew of famous guest artists. Oh, I’m sure Rod Stewart, Michael McDonald, and Celine Dion will be headed our way in just a few episodes, but at least for  now it’s been linear and prompt. If we can get over the whole wait-a-week-to-find-stuff-out part.

Next week, I’m betting we definitely say buh-bye to Cee Lo’s colorless country dude and to Adam’s earnest young enigma who clearly has some endorsement from an eyeglass company. Mark my words, the minute Devon goes home he’ll get himself tatted up good and head straight to the nearest Lasik surgeon because you can’t do that nerdy thing unless you are the lovespawn of Buddy Holly and Rivers Cuomo and you have the rock-solid  bravado to prove it. Those sisters doing the Bugle Boy number was a smart choice and America loves a classic; too bad it seemed like neither of them had ever heard the tune before (I’m all for getting singers out of their comfort zone and many of these people are quite young, but honestly, the song wasn’t written in the Fifth Century).

Also, after all is said and done am I the only one who finds the coaches’ talking far more entertaining than anyone actually singing? Sure the singers will tour for us later, but wouldn’t it be more fun just watch Cee Lo and Adam do a bunch of Mac ads?

Did you prefer Team Adam or Team Cee Lo? For some reason the ensemble pieces last night left last week’s Christina/Blake numbers in the forgotten dust. Perhaps that’s because I happen to prefer these two coaches’ music in general, but it sure does look like they both know exactly how to integrate their charges. When Adam says he’s still going to stay in touch with his team members, I believe him. When Cee Lo says just about anything, I believe him.

And you? Where do you stand on The Voice?

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