Is Christina Aguilera Worth $225,000 an Episode?

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All I can say is, it’s a really good thing that the field has narrowed considerably on The Voice, and with it the pool of credible euphemisms for “good job” that the coaches have at their disposal. Otherwise, I would stop believing them. Not because the singers aren’t good, but because the universality of praise is getting just a leedle bit repetitive. There’s nowhere to go, and it’s to the coaches’ credit that each one of them has enough character (genuine or projected) that we still think they’re each telling the truth.

To be sure, one of the reasons why we love The Voice is because it’s not the Nip & Bitefest that other talent shows are, with judges tossing out poisoned barbs masquerading as constructive criticism. Exactly why having personable & credible judges is key. Thus, methinks Christina Aguilera probably is worth the $225,000 they pay her per episode (if you’re wondering, each of the boys reportedly pulls in about $75,000 a show).

Who caught The Voice last night? Are you still watching/captivated/vaguely curious? I am, and last night was the semifinals so all eight singers (two singers per coach) got to perform. In addition we had two external numbers from Adam, Christina, and Blake that kept everyone occupied  — but which were at least germane to the competition itself, instead of bringing in all those extraneous numbers that draw focus away from the task at hand.

Not a ton of surprises, except that we’re finally out of the woods with men in cowboy hats…from here on in we get to see everyone’s eyes when they sing. Serves them right, too, if you ask me. It’s one thing when you’re rounding up cattle or even when you’re scanning the horizon looking for errant livestock on your ranch. But do you really need the shade when you’re singing? I know it’s bright. But you don’t see the girls sporting visors to dim the glare up there, do you?

I have a few questions. First of all, why does Christina insist on telling singers that their songs are out of their comfort zone when they’re not, really?  I believe she exorted Frenchie to give “Like A Prayer”  a “gospel, soul spin”. Um, I’m pretty sure “Like A Prayer” isn’t exactly a hip-hop anthem or a neo-folk tune to begin with…and wasn’t there actually a church choir in the Madonna video? Just saying. Then Christina did the same with Beverly and was pleased that said chanteuse had revealed her “bluesy” and “soulful” side. Again, because Beverly got to the semifinals on account of all her acid-house electronica numbers?  And another thing: why does Cee Lo always wears two wristwatches? Is it so he can be alert and with-it in two time zones, or are two watch companies hoping he wears their bling and he’s being an equivocator? This remains unclear to me.

Also, the biggest showstopper of the night was neither an extended note nor a glorious belt. Rather, it was Javier Colon removing his hat (see eye-obscuring comments above). This achieved many things visually, although the guy doesn’t have to do too much. I still maintain that the show is absolutely his to lose, and that no one else even comes close. Nor is this lost on the audience – I’d bet a farm I don’t own that he’ll walk away with the whole thing, easy peasy. Some of the singers were really excellent– notably Dia and Vicci (who’s decided to channel Pink, which is kinda working). Although it doesn’t hurt that they’re picking the best songs. So tonight there’s another round, and since we comprise much of the America that votes, why don’t you weigh in on the singers whom the coaches saved for our poll.

Today’s poll:

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these four Voice singers saved by their coaches is your favorite:

1)   Casey

2)  Frenchie

3)   Nakia

4)  Xenia

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