Cars, Quest, New Shows & Javier Colon’s Big Night?

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I know that Cars 2 trounced everyone else at the box office this weekend but I didn’t see it so I cannot speak to its greatness. What I did see was a little movie called Submarine, although unfortunately I cannot speak to its greatness either. I can say that the documentary I was telling you about Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest won the audience award at the Los Angeles Film Festival and I am more than delighted to speak to that movie’s greatness any old time. The good news here for you is that the film opens nationwide on July 8th so if you get a chance it’s totally worth watching. Trust me on this. As a lifelong devotee of alternative music who knows little or nothing about hip-hop, I was completely charmed by this incredible film.

Now a word about your comments from yesterday’s blog and poll. You all really seem to like the USA Network, and even though you really, really like White Collar and Burn Notice, many of you mentioned the other shows on that network. So, in fairness, they’ll make up today’s poll and I’ll throw in another TNT show. Nor have I even mentioned USA’s newest drama Necessary Roughness – with Callie Thorne from Rescue Me that I’m betting will also hook any number of you. More on that newbie later.  (By the way, the People’s Choice Awards has nothing whatsoever to do with the USA Network, or TNT, nor do we have anything to do with AMC, so if you’re wondering why I like to talk about things like White Collar and Mad Men, it’s simply because I like the shows. Besides, it’s not like I ever talk about AMC’s The Killing –  because no matter how good it is you couldn’t pay me to watch something that creepy). I am biased, and a fraidy cat when it comes to TV and movies, but I’m fair.

Speaking of fair, who’s going to watch The Voice finals tonight? I will definitely, although the reason I bring this up is because I have just discovered (kind of late in the game, admittedly) just how many records each of the finalists has between them. It’s something like ten, and even though I sometimes work at a radio station where we get sent about a thousand CDs a day from unsigned bands that may never see the light of day, I do wonder if it’ll ever be possible to have a show whose contestants have never recorded an album. Ever. Not even in their basement. I guess that’s what happens with technology. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the show. I just wish they were all total neophytes. I have a friend who hit it pretty big with a single a few years back (the thing went to #1in the USA) and he read an article calling him “an overnight success” – to which he responded that if that was actually the case it was the longest night in the history of mankind. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the festivities tonight.  Will Adam wear a black, charcoal or cocoa tee shirt? How many wristwatches will Cee Lo be sporting? What will Christina do with her hair?  And does Blake Shelton ever wonder if his tattoo looks too much like Angry Birds artwork? Plus we’re going to get Brad Paisley, Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Miranda Lambert singing along (hopefully with the finalists) tonight or tomorrow. If you ask me, Javier Colon’s about to release a third record. Only this time, lots and lots of people will be buying it.

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