Summer Sightings & July’s Biggest Movies On Deck

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Believe it or not, when you live in Los Angeles, there really are lots of famous people around. Actors, actresses, musicians and the like. When your relatives come to visit you however, they hide in underground tunnels until your relatives leave. But most of the time, celebrities in Hollywood take on the ubiquity of Toyota Carollas. Actually, when you live in Los Angeles, celebrities take on the ubiquity of Toyota Priuses, which are more prevalent in LA than anywhere else on earth. If you gaze down Sunset Boulevard easily every fourth car is a Prius. No kidding. And slowly but surely you get used to both the celebrities and the Priuses and you stop noticing altogether. Which at first made me think I was dead inside. Yesterday morning however, enroute to church at approximately 11:13 AM Pacific Time I realized I was very much alive. Because that’s when the LAPD motorcycles sped by me with the British Union Jack flags flying, followed by five GMC Suburbans. Everything was blacked out and not a window was open in any of the Suburbans  – save for one. Through whose open frame peered The Duke of Cambridge himself. Who looked out and waved. And even though he was quite far away, and even if one didn’t know who he was, there was something in his waving and peering that registered as unusual. He seemed genuinely interested in his surroundings. An American celebrity would never open a window, much less stare out of it. An American celebrity would never look out at scenery and onlookers with interest, unless he or she was getting paid to do so. Most actors and actresses in Hollywood struggle desperately to get noticed, but once they hit it big many of them make a very public effort to appear like they don’t care and wish to be left alone. Until such time as they are left alone, which is when they turn to other things for sustenance, like second careers, vice, and/or reality shows.

Not William, the Duke of Cambridge. There’s nothing “cool” about him, and that’s more than cool by me.

Now back to some good old American entertainment. Of which there was an ample supply in theaters tis weekend. Horrible Bosses probably wouldn’t have gotten made if it weren’t for movies like Very Bad Things and The Hangover (part one). It’s not nearly as outrageous as those films, but it is better. For any number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Horrible Bosses sports a terrific cast: Jason Bateman (who nails Exasperated Ordinary Guy ), Jason Sudeikis (twice the charm, half the smarm of Bradley Cooper), and Charlie Day (heretofore unknown to me but truly funny). That’s the triumvirate that gets into trouble with Kevin Spacey (comfortably, psychotically nasty), Colin Farrell (deliriously appalling), and Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston). You know the premise: three guys who hate their employers and who endeavor to off them (enlisting the help of one deliciously scathing Jamie Foxx). Throughout the film you’re nervous because you know nothing can really end well if any one of our heroes is to be happy, but the three leads demonstrate such excellent footing on the tightrope between outrageous and grim that we’re totally okay. And it’s hilarious. Like, smart dialogue hilarious and having gotten there without any help from Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler or any of those Judd Apatow kids is kind of refreshing right about now. Sure Bridesmaids is pure genius – and I doubt anything this summer will alter that. I did find Horrible Bosses to be genuine treat however, and am betting you will too.

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